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Every year, the  PDGA approves twenty to thirty new disc golf discs (24 this year), and every year we have the same question: are any of them better than what is already out there?

The reality is that most "new" discs are just alternate versions of existing disc molds made by other brands, or simply discs that fill product line gaps.

2017, however, brings two new discs with excellent potential for the right players.

In this guide, we'll show you the discs our research indicates may offer something truly new for your bag, and help you avoid the ones that don't.

Advancement in Disc Technology

For putters and midrange discs, there has been little or no significant design improvement for the last 30 years.

Excerpt from original disc golf disc patent. Source:

In fact, one of the very first modern disc golf discs (the Innova Aviar, launched in the 1980's) has been used to win four of the last five PDGA world championships. No "game-changing"  improvements are expected for these products.  

For Distance Drivers, on the other hand, technological advancements continue to surface. It is no surprise that our top new disc selections are both high-Speed discs.

For more on the future of disc golf discs, watch this interview with Dave Dunipace, the head of Innova Disc Golf and the creator of the modern disc golf disc:


The Best New Disc: Advanced Players

Name: Gladiator

Manufacturer: Latitude 64°

Speed: 13 (2.3cm wide rim)
Glide: 5 (high)
Turn: 0 (very overstable)
Fade: 3 (moderate/high)

Best For: Advanced players who consistently drive over well 400.'
Not For: Anyone else.

Designed with the assistance of 2008 PDGA Champion Dave Feldberg (and several of the top players in Europe), the Gladiator is specifically optimized for use by professional players.

The Gladiator's wide rim (2.3cm, paired with one of the most overstable flight ratings in Latitude's entire inventory) promises a disc that will provide very consistent flights at pro-level release velocities.

Additionally, the Gladiator has a .3cm higher dome than the comparable Halo, which should yield enhanced Glide for extra distance.


The Best New Disc: Intermediate Players

Name: Shryke

Manufacturer: Innova

Speed: 13 (2.3cm wide rim)
Glide: 6 (very high)
Turn: -2 (moderately understable)
Fade: 2 (moderate/low)

Best For: Intermediate players who currently drive 300-350' and want more distance.
Not For: Beginners, windy days.

While we would typically NEVER recommend a Speed 13 disc to Intermediate players, the Shryke was specifically designed to give intermediate players the benefit of high rotational inertia (provided by the wide rim), but with aerodynamics that would provide optimal flight patterns at moderately high release velocities.


The Shrkye's -2 Turn helps players generate the turn-over needed during high-speed flight to optimize total flight time, while the extremely high Glide (probably Innova's highest Glide distance driver) and low Fade ensure a long, straight finish.

Advanced players can also get great use from the Shryke as a hyzer-flip disc.

Add a Shryke to Your Bag HERE

Best New Disc for Beginners

For beginning players, we have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that there are no new discs for 2017 that really set themselves apart from existing products.

The good news is that the existing discs for beginners are GREAT.  To learn more, check out our complete research on the Best Beginner Disc Golf Discs.

Complete List of New Discs

MANUFACTURERMODELMax. Weight (g)Diameter (cm)Rim Thickness (cm)Cert. #
Daredevil DiscsBighorn176.021.27.616-89
Disc KingLex178.521.51.016-72
Dynamic DiscsSheriff175.121.12.416-84
Element DiscsChromium175.121.12.016-69
Element DiscsRadium181.821.91.516-70
Element DiscsUranium176.021.21.316-65
Full TurnNavigator179.321.61.416.63
Full TurnPassport176.
Innova-Champion DiscsShryke175.121.12.316-71
Latitude 64Anchor180.121.71.416-75
Latitude 64Caltrop174.321.01.016-75
Latitude 64Gladiator175.121.12.316-76
Obsidian Discs OyCinder176.021.21.916-67
Ozone DiscsAndro C (retooled)179.321.61.516-73
RPM Discs/Disc Golf AotearoaRuru (PA2)174.321.01.016-85
Viking Discs (IP-Agency Finland Oy)Axe176.021.21.016-86
Viking Discs (IP-Agency Finland Oy)Cosmos174.321.01.816-87
Viking Discs (IP-Agency Finland Oy)Knife175.121.11.016-88
Westside Golf DiscsQueen176.021.22.316-66

We Hope This Helps!

If you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help you improve your game, please let us know using our Contact page.  We are always happy to help answer our subscribers' questions!


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