In our ongoing search for the latest Disc Golf technology we’ve come across a large number of very interesting patents for products and methods not yet seen in the market.

Here are six eye-catching new ideas for you to review an decide: which are “must-have”, and which are a “why bother?”.


(1) Weighted Disc Golf Training Aid Patent - Disc Golf Training Aid

US D651271 S1

Using weighted training aids to warm-up is common practice in baseball, so why not in Disc Golf?  A weighted trainer could help properly warm-up your arm and shoulder before a round, and imagine how effortless throwing a long drive on hole #1 would feel after taking practice swings with this heavy device.


(2) Recreational Disc Locator Device Patent - Tracking Device

US 20060199682 A1


This patent (or similar idea) may actually be transitioning into use in the very near future.  A current Kickstarter campaign by TOBU hopes to produce a bluetooth disc tracking device and associated App.  The proposed device would be attached to the underside of a disc which could be located either visually (it blinks with LED lights) or with a smart phone running the App.  Depending on the cost this could be a lifesaver when playing at dusk, in heavily wooded areas, or in the snow.


(3) Underwater Frisbee Golf Disc Locator Patent - Underwater Frisbee Locator

US 8444513 B2


The “Locator” is a small circular container that contains effervescent materials (think Alka-Selzer) that bubble when they touch water.  It is attached to the underside of a disc and in theory creates a bubbly signature on the top of the water, thereby allowing you to find the sunken disk.  Our obvious concerns are (1) what if the water is deep (i.e. you’d have to swim to get the disc), and (2) does the extra weight of the Locator make it less likely a drive will get over the water hazard in the first place?

(4) Golf Disc Retriever and Method Patent - Disc Golf Retriever

US 7320489 B1


We like this idea because it would not only work for discs in the water, but with an elongated handle also help get discs out of trees.  Unfortunately we already feel like we have too much gear, and the relatively high bulk (compared to the infrequency of use) makes it unlikely we would carry this through a round.

(5) Golf Disc Scorecard Patent - Disc Golf Scorecard

US 20060234596 A1


As stated in the Abstract: “A disc golf scorecard is provided that not only allows the recording of scores for each hole of one or more rounds of disc golf for one or more players but also is shaped in the form of a disc.”

We clearly don’t understand the patent process, because this really seems to just be a round notepad.  I think I already have one in my junk drawer.


(6) “Clean Glide” Portable Disc Golf Cleaning Device Patenr - Disc Cleaning

US 20090260166 A1


“A portable Frisbee Golf disc washing assembly includes a carrying case, which also houses extra discs.”

One item I always bring with me when playing is a towel, and I have yet to find a situation during and round that my towel could not easily handle.  Unless you plan on playing near a tar-pit, the “Clean Glide” is probably extreme overkill.



Have you seen other new Disc Golf ideas of your own you’d like to share?  Let us know using the Contact page!


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