Have you ever read a manufacturer’s disc description that reads like this:

“Flies amazingly straight, or holds any line you put it on.  Perfect for maximum distance and control.”

Me too, and they drive me crazy because discs that are “perfect” for any player or situation simply do not exist. 

This site is my offer of help to fellow players who are trying to make sense of the aggressive (and often misleading) marketing and promotion surrounding disc golf today.


We’ve assembled what we believe to be the most knowledgeable cross-functional team of experts in the world to analyze the sport in completely new ways, using science and hard evidence to find what are truly the best disc golf discs for individual players’ specific skill levels and styles of play.


It’s simple: if you plan to purchase a disc based on something you learned here, buy it from us in our Disc Store!

Purchasing through our Store will not only show your thanks (thank you!), but also help fund future free research to help you improve your game!

As always, please feel free to email me anytime: bartbird (at) bestdiscgolfdiscs dot com with any questions or recommendations for the site.

Hope you have a great round!


Bart Bird