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To play and compete at a high level, Advanced players must maximize their consistency AND carry a mix of discs that provide a significant variety of shot options.

So which discs are the best?

In this article, we'll cover the two discs Advanced players can use to add consistency and diversity to their game, as well as how to incorporate your new Advanced discs into a complete bag strategy. 

Are you Really an Advanced Player?

We define Advanced Players as meeting at least two (preferably all three) of the following three criteria:

#1: Driving

Consistently Drive over 300'.  This is not optional.  If you drive under 300' these discs are not a fit for your release velocity.

#2: Consistency

Average no more than 3 Shots over par for a typical 18 Hole round (this varies by course, use your judgment).

#3: Putting

Consistently make 70% of putts from 25-30', and 85% of putts under 20' 

If you do not currently meet these criteria, check out our Two Key Discs for Intermediate Players.  These discs will help you accelerate your gains, and will remain a part of your Advanced Bag as your game progresses.

Advanced Disc #1: High-Speed Driver

Manufacturer: Innova
Mold: Destroyer
Plastic: Star
Weight: 165-169

Here's Why: 

The Destroyer's overstable flight combined with moderate fade produce very, very predictable flight patterns in a wide variety of conditions: an absolute must in tournament play.  

Because of this, the Destroyer is the number one professional disc golf driver, as well as the go-to driver for 4-Time PDGA Champion Paul McBeth.

Because superior distance is also critical, the Destroyer's high Glide ensures extra long flights when thrown at high speeds.

We specifically recommend Star Plastic because Star is very similar to Champion in performance, but where Champion is designed to maintain like-new performance for as long as possible, Star (while still very durable) will gently wear and slowly become less stable over time, allowing players to use multiple Destroyers that each provides a slightly different flight pattern.

Get a Star Destroyer with These Exact Specs Here

Advanced Disc #2: Stability, Shot Diversity

Manufacturer: Innova
Mold: TeeBird
Plastic: Champion
Weight: 165-169

Here's Why: Used to win over 20 PDGA World Championships, the TeeBird is the “Go-To” fairway driver for the most successful male and female Pro Players of all time.

The Teebird's extreme overstability (0) delivers very consistent flight arcs (even on windy days) and provides the perfect platform for a number of advanced shots that require significant overstability: 

  • Hyzer Shots: Accentuate overstable arc
  • Flex-Shots: The exact opposite of an S-Shot, but much more predictable
  • Spike Shots: high shots that land in from a high arc and "stick", with no roll or slide

The moderate weight (165-169g) provides consistency without sacrificing speed, and the Champion plastic further accentuates the TeeBird's natural overstable flight. 

Get a Champion TeeBird Here

Incorporation with Beginner and Intermediate Discs

With the addition of these two discs (to our Foundation 3-Disc Set and Intermediate 2- Disc Expansion), the 7 discs can be used together to cover any situation that may arise:

Foundation Set:



Intermediate Set:


Advanced Set:

  1. Aviar: Putter
  2. Roc: Approach Disc
  3. Valkyrie: Becomes Hyzer-Flip and narrow fairway driver

4. Wraith: Max-Distance Driver (calm days), Tailwind Driver
5. Mamba: Used for Distance Rollers, S-Shots, Anhyzer Shots 

6. Destroyer: Primary distance driver
7. TeeBird: High-winds driver, Hyzer Shots, Flex Shots, Spike Shots 

Advanced Disc Value Pack for our Members and Readers

Because we highly recommend the addition of both of these discs to your Advanced bag (and as the final step in your complete 7-Disc bag building process) we've put these to discs together as a value pack for increased ordering convenience and combined savings

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Conclusion and Follow-Up

If you have any questions about this or other Disc selection topics, please don't hesitate to reach out through our Contact page. We are always happy to help our fellow players advance their game!





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