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How to Find the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

This video episode is our complete guide for choosing a disc golf driver that will give you maximum distance. Coverage includes: Disc Flight Dynamics Flight Path Failure Modes Strategic Disc Selection Top Professional Disc Selections Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: In the Bag – Video series on top player disc selections Innova Boss – […]

Poll: Best Disc for Beginners

With 1,352 votes cast, representing 66 discs from 15 of the top disc golf manufacturers, we have a decisive winner for the Best Disc Golf Disc For Beginners! But first, an overview of the poll methodology and results: The Nomination Process Respondents were given the following two rules before nominating new discs or voting on discs […]

What is SPEED? Disc Golf Discs Numbers and Ratings Explained

The episode features an ADVANCED explanation of Disc Golf Disc Speed numbers, including how the ratings are determined, the impact of Speed on disc flight, and the tradeoffs between high and low-speed discs. Disc Golf Speed Ratings Explained: Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: Moment Of Inertia – Detailed explanation video Innova Discs – […]

Improve Your Game Today

At Best Disc Golf Discs our goal is to provide players of all skill and experience levels with science-based tools and information to help immediately improve their game. We believe that personal improvement in Disc Golf is a cycle of new discs and skill gains.  As a player’s skill level increases, new discs are needed […]

Disc Golf Plastic: A Guide to Choosing the Right Disc Plastic

This video episode is our complete guide to choosing a Disc Golf Disc Plastic. Coverage includes: The Science of Disc Golf Plastics Manufacturing Techniques Impact of Plastic Type on Disc Flight Characteristics Impact of Plastic Durability on Flight Characteristics Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: Innova Discs Flight / Plastics Guide – Innova Guide to […]

Headwinds and Tailwinds: Choosing the Right Disc Golf Driver

This video episode is our complete guide for choosing a disc golf driver when dealing with headwinds and tailwinds on the course. Coverage includes: Disc Flight Dynamics Review Aeronautical Terminology Adjustment Guidelines based on Specific Wind Scenarios Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: Relative Airspeed Guide – Calculating Airspeed High Speed Turn – Innova […]

How to Choose the Right Disc Golf Driver Weight

This week’s episode features complete instructions on choosing the optimal disc golf driver weight, including the impact of disc weight on speed and distance, changes to disc stability, and compensating for wind. Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: Bushnell Handheld Radar Gun – Measure disc flight speed – Theo Pozzy’s Homepage Physics Calculators and […]

Using Science to Increase Your Drive Distance

The number of variables affecting the distance of a disc golf drive seems infinite, but for players using good form, the primary controllable factor is disc release speed. Using a radar gun, data was collected by Theo Pozzy at a distance driving event in 2000 to correlate disc release speed in MPH with total flight distance in […]

6 New Disc Golf Gear Ideas

In our ongoing search for the latest Disc Golf technology we’ve come across a large number of very interesting patents for products and methods not yet seen in the market. Here are six eye-catching new ideas for you to review an decide: which are “must-have”, and which are a “why bother?”.   (1) Weighted Disc Golf Training Aid  […]

2015’s Best New Discs

With constant improvements in mold design as well as new developments in plastic resins, Disc Golf technology continues to advance.  Since December 2014 alone the PDGA has approved 38 new discs spanning 15 different manufacturers. But how many of them can really improve your game?  Most “new” disc releases are simply manufacturers releasing their brand’s version of a popular […]