With 1,352 votes cast, representing 66 discs from 15 of the top disc golf manufacturers, we have a decisive winner for the Best Disc Golf Disc For Beginners!

But first, an overview of the poll methodology and results:

The Nomination Process

Respondents were given the following two rules before nominating new discs or voting on discs that had already been nominated:

  1. The vote is for the ONE disc you would say all beginners should buy.
  2. If there is more than one disc you’d recommend, you may select up to 3 options, but the purpose is not to create a 3-disc set.  Our goal is to find the 1 consensus best disc.

Who Voted?

All disc nominations were made by visitors to our site.  Top Sources for nominations:

The Results

Interestingly, the top three discs actually combine to make an amazing 3-disc set for beginners: 1 Putter, 1 Midrange, and 1 Fairway Driver!

#1 Overall – Discraft Z-Line Buzzz

Midrange Disc

With a whopping 16.7% of the overall votes, Discraft’s Buzzz was the clear winner, receiving almost twice as many votes as the next closest midrange.

Considering the Z-Line Buzz has more recorded Aces than any other disc, we were not at all surprised by the outcome.

We typically recommend Rocs for all players based on their ease of use combined with the high percentage of professional players who carry them, but in this poll, the top recommendation by today’s players for beginners was definitely the Buzzz.

See the Buzzz’s Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

#2 Overall – Innova Champion Leopard

Fairway Driver

We list the Leopard as the “most versatile” driver in our Top 10 Disc Recommendations because its moderate speed and turn ratings (6 and -1, respectively) give players the ability to make a Leopard fly in almost any pattern they want by altering the throw speed and release angle.

Additionally, the high glide and low fade allow it to fly far, even at the relatively low release speeds we see with most beginners.

See the Leopard’s Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

#3 Overall – Innova Yeti Pro Aviar


The Aviar’s predictable flightlines and straight finishes have been used to win more PDGA Open Championships and PDGA Putting Championships than any other putter.

Additionally, the Aviar is currently the most popular putter among the world’s top pros.

While the top professional drivers are often poor choices for beginners, with putters the best designs can (and should) be used by players of all ability levels.

See the Yeti Pro Aviar’s Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

Complete Results

Buzzz Discraft222
Leopard Innova164
Aviar Innova155
Roc Innova118
TeeBird Innova62
Mako3 Innova48
Comet Discraft45
Shark Innova42
River Latitude 64°40
Wizard Gateway Disc Sports34
Judge Dynamic Discs34
Valkyrie Innova34
Truth Dynamic Discs24
Roc 3 Innova23
Diamond Latitude 64°21
Envy Axiom14
Dart Innova14
Destroyer Innova13
Cheetah Innova12
Wraith Innova12
Groove Innova10
Axis MVP10
Nova Innova10
Fuse Latitude 64°10
Stratus Discraft10
Magnet Discraft10
Claymore Latitude 64°9
P2 Discmania9
Cobra Innova8
Stingray Innova8
Rhyno Innova7
Eagle Innova6
Theory Axiom6
Archangel Innova6
Tangent MVP6
Jade Latitude 64°6
Mamba Innova6
Katana Innova6
Glide Discraft5
Pure Latitude 64°5
FD Discmania5
Avenger SS Discraft5
Ibex Vibram5
Saint Latitude 64°4
Orc Innova4
Underworld Westside Discs4
JLS Millennium4
Beast Innova3
Atlas Innova3
Vision Latitude 64°3
Karma Gateway Disc Sports3
Stiletto Latitude 64°3
Roadrunner Innova3
Panther Innova2
Foxbat Innova2
Condor Innova2
Hunter Legacy Discs2
M5 Prodigy Disc2
Colt Innova2
Ruby Latitude 64°1
Sinus Latitude 64°1
Midari Prodiscus1
Alias MVP1
Core Latitude 64°1
Pearl Latitude 64°1
Hatchet Westside1

Thanks to everyone who participated!  Let us know if you have any questions by using our Contact page.


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