With constant improvements in mold design as well as new developments in plastic resins, Disc Golf technology continues to advance.  Since December 2014 alone the PDGA has approved 38 new discs spanning 15 different manufacturers. But how many of them can really improve your game?  Most “new” disc releases are simply manufacturers releasing their brand’s version of a popular existing mold . To help you take advantage of the best advancements (and avoid the marketing gimmicks and product duplications) we’ve created the following guide to the best new developments in Disc Golf Discs for 2015.

Revolutionary Change is Rare

To stay in the bounds of PDGA regulations, truly “revolutionary” changes to disc golf technology are rare.  This is why some of the most popular discs today were launched in the 1990’s.  In fact, over the last 5 years there have only been two changes we consider to be truly Revolutionary:

#1 Innova Blizzard Plastic (2010)

Innova Blizzard BossBy incorporating small air bubbles in the interior of the disc’s structure, Blizzard Plastic reduces total gram-weight while maintaining other key physical properties.  This 10-20% reduction in weight allows players to generate significantly more release speed on wide-rim discs, ultimately leading to the Boss Blizzard holding the top-2 longest recorded drives of all time (both over 800 feet!).

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#2 Latitude 64 Missilen Hex (2014)

Hex MissilenLatitude smartly applied the technology used in ball-golf for years.  By covering the top and bottom of the Missilen with hexagonal cavities, the laminar flow of air travels around the disc a little farther than it would flow around a smooth disc. Since air in laminar flow has a higher pressure than turbulent air, the laminar flow behind the disc creates less of a ‘sucking’ effect behind the disc (i.e. reduces drag).  The result: a Speed 15 Disc that flies through the air at amazing speeds, even in the late stages of flight.

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2015 Offers Solid “Evolutionary” Change

In the absence of Revolutionary changes, what we are looking for in 2015 is positive Evolutionary Change. These are true incremental improvements upon existing technologies, positive modifications to current discs we love, or greatly needed product line extensions.

With Disc Golf as competitive as it is today, an extra 15′ on your drive, or an approach that lands 5 feet closer to the basket can make all the difference in the world, particularly in competitive play!

Noteworthy 2015 New Releases


Legacy Discs

The putter we are most excited about for 2015 is the Hunter from Legacy Discs.  Designed by Steve Rico,  the Hunter was developed to hold its line of release for the entire flight duration while also providing solid glide.  With these characteristics, the Hunter could quickly become the most used disc in your bag; capable of delivering laser-straight putts, long approaches, or even short drives.



MVP HomepageMVP Disc Sports has introduced 4 new distance drivers, each with a 21.5mm diameter.  This increased diameter and distributed weight should translate into


, faster discs with Speed ratings in the 11-13 range.  If you are a fan of MVP’s GYRO™ Overmold Technology, these discs are a must-have addition to your bag.


Innova Discs Homepage
Innova VRocThe Roc is debatably the most popular mid-range disc used by top professionals.  The VRoc addition to the line offers an option with slightly less fade than a standard Roc.  Is this groundbreaking technology?  No, but if you already throw a Roc and want less fade the VRoc is for you.  We particularly recommend the 170-176g weight.

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We hope this helps!  Below we have included a list of all newly approved discs so you can keep track of what your favorite manufacturer has released.  If you have any questions about the listed items above (or some that we didn’t cover), please reach out using our Contact page!

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Complete List of New PDGA Approved Discs for 2015

AquaFlight DiscsDragonfly174.32115-24
AquaFlight DiscsPeace Frog174.32115-25
AquaFlight DiscsSwift174.32115-26
Disc Golf AotearoaDGD2174.32115-21
Disc Golf AssociationSteady175.9621.215-18
Fly High DiscsAK-47174.32115-5
Fly High DiscsDiesel177.6221.415-6
Fly High DiscsJack the Ripper174.32115-7
Fly High DiscsKGB180.9421.815-8
Fly High DiscsTrain Wreck174.32115-9
Fly High DiscsWhite Widow174.32115-10
Gateway Disc SportsChief OS175.9621.215.13
Gateway Disc SportsDevilhawk175.9621.215-14
Gateway Disc SportsWarspear175.9621.215-15
Innova-Champion DiscsVRoc180.9421.814-99
Innova-Champion DiscsWombat180.9421.815.17
Legacy DiscsHunter175.9621.215-19
Legacy DiscsNemesis176.7921.315-20
Legacy DiscsProwler175.9621.215-28
MVP Disc SportsOrbital175.1321.115-1
MVP Disc SportsPhase175.1321.115-2
MVP Disc SportsPhoton175.1321.115-3
MVP Disc SportsWave175.1321.115-4
Prodigy DiscH3176.7921.315-29
Reptilian Disc GolfSerpent174.32115-16
Westside Golf DiscsBard ( Laulaja 1 )180.1121.715-11
Westside Golf DiscsSeer ( Ennustaja )175.9621.215-12
Westside Golf DiscsSwan Reborn ( Tuonelan Joutsen 1 )175.1321.115-23


2 thoughts on “2015’s Best New Discs

  1. TimAnders says:

    Thanks for the coverage Bart. Glad to hear MVP is coming out with some faster discs. I’ll be picking up one of those for sure. I love MVP’s tech, but they really needed this in their lineup.

  2. Bart Bird says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Tim! Wanted to get the word out on the best new developments. I’ll be adding one of the MVP drivers to my bag as well.

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