There is a reason that certain discs consistently outsell their comparably designed counterparts: they provide the best possible performance in the tasks for which they are intended.

In this list, we’ll provide you with detail on each of the current 10 Best Selling Disc Golf Discs, including:

  1. Why they are a top seller
  2. The specific best use for each
  3. The most popular combinations of plastic type and gram-weight

So let’s get started……

#1 Avenger SS – Neutral Distance Driver

Manufacturer: Discraft
Weight Classes:

What Makes it a Top Seller: The new “Avenger SS” model was created to provide extremely long, gliding turnover drives at a wider range of release velocities than their popular standard Avenger, and the resulting driving distance improvements vastly exceeded all expectations.


The Avenger SS’s combination of balanced / slightly understable flight and high glide performance significantly extend the disc’s time-in-flight, while its gentle Fade performance provides additional distance by ensuring a longer, straighter finish.

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#2 PA3 – Straight-Flight Putter

Manufacturer: Prodigy
Plastic: 300

Weight Classes:

What Makes it a Top Seller: Current #1 Professional putter.

The PA3 is currently the most popular putter with the top professional players and provides the straightest putting flights we’ve seen, particularly with putts under 30 feet in length.

If you want putts that fly incredibly straight, this is the putter for you.

The PA3 was designed for optimal performance in the 170-174g weight class, and Prodigy’s 300 plastic was specifically designed for putters and midrange discs.

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#3 Roc3 – Approach/Upshot Midrange

Manufacturer: Innova
Weight Class: 

What Makes it a Top Seller: Rocs are on consistently on the list of top professional midrange discs.

Rocs combine predictable, overstable (Turn 0) flight with moderate Fade to produce the most consistent flight pattern, distance control, and wind-resistance we’ve documented in a midrange disc.

While all versions of the Roc provide superior performance, the Roc3 (with its uniquely flattened dome) produces the straightest high-speed flight and the highest level of wind resistance in the Roc family, making it the current most popular version.

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#4 Firebird – Overstable Driver

Manufacturer: Innova
Weight Class: 

What Makes it a Top Seller: Not only is the Firebird one of the most Overstable distance drivers we’ve ever tested, it also has a relatively wide rim for its Speed class (shifting a large percentage of the disc’s weight to the perimeter).

This combination of overstability and high rotational inertia make the Firebird one of the most predictable discs ever created, providing amazingly consistent flight performance even on very windy days.

The Firebird is particularly valuable for Forehand players who sometimes release with some degree of flutter/wobble.

If you are a forehand player, you should also strongly consider adding a Photon (#10 below) to your bag.

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#5 TeeBird – Overstable Fairway Driver

Manufacturer: Innova
Weight Class: 

What Makes it a Top Seller: The Teebird was used to win 19 PDGA World Championships, and is still one of the top 2 most popular pro fairway drivers.


Overstability combined with High Glide produces the most predictable flight patterns while still maintaining good distance, even at moderate throw velocities.  Additionally, the TeeBird has unusually low Fade for an Overstable disc (+2), providing longer, straighter finishes that allow players to use the TeeBird as a distance driver in many situations.

Innova’s most overstable plastic (Champion) further increases the TeeBird’s already outstanding wind resistance.

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#6 Buzzz – Driving Midrange

Manufacturer: Discraft
Weight Class: 

What Makes it a Top Seller: The Buzzz is the current Ace record holder at (a massive repository of disc golf round scores), representing almost 1 of every 14 reported aces in their over 1,200,000 posted scores.

Additionally, In a recent large player poll, the Buzzz was overwhelmingly selected as the one disc all new players should have in their bag.

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#7 Destroyer – Wide-Rim Overstable Driver

Manufacturer: Innova
Weight Class:

What Makes it a Top Seller: The Destroyer is the most commonly used distance driver by the top 15 professional players in the world, and is the signature disc of 4-time PDGA Champion Paul McBeth (see the 8 Most Popular Pro Discs).

In fact, Paul typically competes with six different Destroyers in his bag.

Paired with the overstable Star plastic and a moderate/heavy weights of 160-175g, the Destroyer delivers even more predictable flight in a wide variety of weather and wind conditions while still generating superior distance.

To reiterate, this disc is not for beginners, but advanced players with good release velocity will significantly benefit from the Destroyer’s combination of high-distance and consistency.

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#8 Boss – Advanced Max-Distance Driver

Manufacturer: Innova
Plastic: R-Pro

Weight Classes: 

What Makes it a Top Seller: The R-Pro Boss (151-164g Class) is the current world distance record holder, at 1,108.9 feet (338m).

The relative light weight class and one of Innova’s most understable plastics work together to help players generate the release velocity (and thereby turnover) needed to realize maximum distance with an overstable, ultra wide-rim driver.

The Innova Boss has the proven Turn/Fade balance for max distance and holds the top three spots on the Longest Recorded Backhand Drives list (all in the 151-164g weight class).

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#9 Diamond – “Easy to Throw Far” Driver

Manufacturer: Latitude 64º
Opto Light
Weight Classes:

What Makes it a Top Seller: The Diamond is optimized in every way to generate long flights with minimal power, including light weighting, understable flight, high Glide, narrow rim width, and low Fade.

While power players will generate far too much turnover with a Diamond, players who struggle to generate high release velocity will benefit significantly from the Diamond’s focused design specifications.

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#10 Photon – Forehand Distance Driver

Manufacturer: MVP Disc Sports
Optimal Plastic:
Recommended Weight Class: 

What Makes it a Top Seller: The Photon will be the farthest-flying MVP disc for most players, but it is exceptionally high-performing for players with Forehand releases.

MVP’s “Gyro” overmold technology takes gyroscopic stabilization and off-axis torque prevention to a level that’s simply not achievable with standard disc technology.

By using a high molecular weight material in the overmolded rim, MVP is able to shift a significant percentage of the disc’s total weight to the rim for maximum stabilization.

Additionally, MVP’s gyro effect delays Fade, resulting in longer, straighter finishes for even more distance.

If you still haven’t tried an overmold disc, it’s time to start. 

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