Putters: Which are the Overall Best?

The putter is the single most important disc in every player’s bag, often making the difference between birdie or par (or, *gulp*, par or bogie). So how do you choose the best one? In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the 5 most important aspects of putter selection, and tell you which putters ranked as the overall […]

How to Find the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

This video episode is our complete guide for choosing a disc golf driver that will give you maximum distance. Coverage includes: Disc Flight Dynamics Flight Path Failure Modes Strategic Disc Selection Top Professional Disc Selections Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: In the Bag – Video series on top player disc selections Innova Boss – […]

The 10 Best Overall Disc Golf Discs

All Disc Golfers are different, and with individual players’ unique combinations of throwing techniques and release velocities, no disc will fly exactly the same for two different people. However, the recommendations assembled below represent discs proven to provide the best overall results for the broadest range of players, and we strongly encourage our members to include […]

The Best Winter Disc Golf Discs

Anyone who’s played disc golf on a cold day knows that discs feel and fly quite differently (normally WORSE) in the winter than they do in the summer. But what is the cause, and what can you do to prevent the loss of performance? Choosing Winter Disc Golf Discs In this Video Guide and supplement, we’ll […]

10 Best Selling Disc Golf Discs of 2018

There is a reason that certain discs consistently outsell their comparably designed counterparts: they provide the best possible performance in the tasks for which they are intended. In this list, we’ll provide you with detail on each of the current 10 Best Selling Disc Golf Discs, including: Why they are a top seller The specific […]

The Best Printable Disc Golf Scorecard Ever

Why use a scorecard that just keeps your score.. …when you can use a scorecard that helps IMPROVE YOUR SCORE! via GIPHY   How Does it Help Improve Your Score? The inside flap of the scorecard contains our exclusive Wind-Guide, providing detailed disc selection recommendations based on course winds coming from any direction! If you […]

12 Discs that are Easy to Throw Far

Would you like to add 30-50 feet to your drives? OF COURSE you would, and there are two ways to do it. The first way is to put in lots of field work (which we highly recommend you do). The second way is to select a driving disc that was designed to be easy to […]

Putter Selection: the Complete Guide

Finding a good disc golf putter is easy.  Finding the BEST POSSIBLE PUTTER for your game can be quite a bit more difficult. In this complete guide to selecting the best disc golf putter for your game, we’ll show you the biggest single question you need to ask for proper putter selection, and also highlight […]

Current World Record Holding Disc Golf Discs

Disc golf discs used to set world records are clearly discs that are capable of delivering the highest levels of performance. But what makes the world record holding discs so special, and can they help you improve YOUR game? In this analysis we’ll detail each of the current world record holding discs, explain what features allow […]

The 8 Most Popular Professional Disc Golf Discs

We’ve looked into the bags of the top 15 professional disc golf players (as ranked by the Professional Disc Golf Association, or “PDGA”) to find the discs most commonly used by the best players in the world. In the article below we’ll review the two most popular discs in each of four categories: Distance Drivers […]

New PDGA Putting and “Holing-Out” Rule Explained

The new 2018 PDGA putting rule for holing-out (Rule 807B “Completing the Hole”) reads as follows: “In order to complete a hole with a basket target, the thrower must release the disc and it must enter the target above the top of the tray and below the bottom of the chain support, and come to rest […]

The Two Disc Golf Discs Intermediate Players Need to Improve Their Game

Having mastered the basics of Disc Golf, Intermediate players must develop a wider variety of shots and optimize their driver selection to support a more diverse range of course layouts and wind conditions. But which discs are the best? In this article, we’ll cover the two discs intermediate players can use (in conjunction with the Foundation […]