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Comparing The 5 Best Distance Drivers

Ultra-distance drivers are tricky. While they have the potential to provide the longest possible disc flights, if a player does not have good form and sufficient release velocity, they will actually produce flights that are disappointingly short. So how do you know if they are right for you, and if they are, which ones will […]

Backhand vs. Forehand (Sidearm) Disc Selection

FAQ Q: Where did you get the Speed / Spin data? A: The primary source for the speed data was a detailed study conducted by Theo Pozzy at a distance driving contest using a radar gun. The spin data was consolidated from a number of different sources using different measurement techniques. Q: Wait a minute, I […]

The Two Disc Golf Discs Intermediate Players Need to Improve Their Game

Having mastered the basics of Disc Golf, Intermediate players must develop a wider variety of shots and optimize their driver selection to support a more diverse range of course layouts and wind conditions.But which discs are the best?In this article, we’ll cover the two discs intermediate players can use (in conjunction with the Foundation Disc Set) […]

The Two Essential Discs For Advanced Players

To play and compete at a high level, Advanced players must maximize their consistency AND carry a mix of discs that provide a significant variety of shot options.So which discs are the best?In this article, we’ll cover the two discs Advanced players can use to add consistency and diversity to their game, as well as […]

The Best Beginner Disc Golf Disc Set

For Beginning Players, learning to successfully drive, approach, and putt is critical.But which discs are really the best for beginners?We’ve designed the following 3-Disc Foundation Set to give beginners the tools they need to negotiate all aspects of the game using only discs that:Are easy for beginners to throwWill help develop proper techniqueWill ALWAYS be useful, […]