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The 10 Best Overall Disc Golf Discs

All Disc Golfers are different, and with individual players’ unique combinations of throwing techniques and release velocities, no disc will fly exactly the same for two different people. However, the recommendations assembled below represent discs proven to provide the best overall results for the broadest range of players, and we strongly encourage our members to include […]

The Best Winter Disc Golf Discs

Anyone who’s played disc golf on a cold day knows that discs feel and fly quite differently (normally WORSE) in the winter than they do in the summer. But what is the cause, and what can you do to prevent the loss of performance? Choosing Winter Disc Golf Discs In this Video Guide and supplement, we’ll […]

10 Best Selling Disc Golf Discs of 2018

There is a reason that certain discs consistently outsell their comparably designed counterparts: they provide the best possible performance in the tasks for which they are intended. In this list, we’ll provide you with detail on each of the current 10 Best Selling Disc Golf Discs, including: Why they are a top seller The specific […]

The 3 Discs Used to Win 19 PDGA Championships

Player photos via The Spin TV When searching for the best Disc Golf discs, looking in the bags of the current and former PDGA World Champions is a great place to start. Despite the hundreds of disc options available today, after compiling a complete list of discs preferred by World PDGA Champions, we were shocked by […]

5 Things Every Disc Golf Player Should Know, But Was Never Told

We’re excited to announce out latest free Member-Only Exclusive: Five Things Every Disc Golf Player Should Know, But Was Never Told! These are the top tips on disc golf selection and flight that it takes many players years to learn (if they learn them at all), and we hope they help you make an immediate […]

Hyzer Flip vs. S-Shot vs. Flex Shot: The Ultimate Guide

Three main shot types are used to maximize distance in Disc Golf, but which is right for you? All three provide different flight patterns that can be useful for avoiding obstacles, but in this article we’ll focus on the mechanics of the Hyzer Flip, S-Shot, and Flex Shot, and then explain the associated benefits (and […]

Overstable vs. Understable Discs: How to Choose the Best Turn Rating

This episode of our Video Guide Series features an ADVANCED explanation of disc golf disc Turn (high-speed stability) numbers, including how Turn affects flight, factors impacting Turn, and how to choose between Overstable and Understable discs (full video transcription provided at the bottom of this post). Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: Innova Discs Flight Rating […]

2016’s Best New Discs

If you’re always looking for new disc golf discs that will give you a competitive edge, this article is for you. With 24 new disc golf discs approved by the PDGA since November 2015, we’ve taken our usual analytic approach to determine if any of them truly deserve a place in your bag.  In this […]

Using Science to Increase Your Drive Distance

The number of variables affecting the distance of a disc golf drive seems infinite, but for players using good form, the primary controllable factor is disc release speed. Using a radar gun, data was collected by Theo Pozzy at a distance driving event in 2000 to correlate disc release speed in MPH with total flight distance in […]