Disc Golf Putting Rules: Is it In, or Out?

Here’s a quick graphic to visually answer the question: does the putt count as “in,” or not? Unfortunately, holing-out has more specific requirements than one might think. The official rules from the PDGA read as follows: 802.05 Holing Out A. Basket Targets: In order to hole out, the thrower must release the disc and it must come

4 Great Disc Golf Gift Ideas for 2017

Selecting good gifts for Disc golfers can be very difficult. Why? Firstly, there are literally hundreds (thousands?) of different disc golf products on the market, all claiming to be the “best.” Secondly, Disc Golf is FULL of esoteric jargon and lingo that can make the gift selection process very confusing. If this sounds familiar, you’ve come

Putters: Which is the Overall Best?

The putter is the single most important disc in every player’s bag, often making the difference between birdie or par (or, *gulp*, par or bogie).So how do you choose the best one?In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the 5 most important aspects of putter selection, and tell you which putter ranked as the overall best in our analysis. The