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5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Backhand Disc Golf Drive Distance

We’ve read through and tried literally dozens of tips for increasing driving distance, and we’ll bet that you have too. After much trial (and error) working with players of all skill levels, these are the five tips we’ve found that deliver the most significant and immediate benefit. Two Important Things Before we Begin #1 Read […]

The Best Forehand (Sidearm) Disc Golf Discs

While Right-Hand Forehand (RHFH) and Left-Hand backhand (LFBH) are closely associated due to their similar flight patterns, they are not the same throw and require completely different discs for optimal performance. So which discs are the best for forehand/sidearm throwers? In this guide, we will explain specifically how the differences affect disc flight, and how to use that […]

The Best Roller Discs for Maximum Distance

Almost all disc golf players use roller shots to get out of trouble, but only a few know that well-thrown rollers will travel 10-15% farther than aerial distance drives. But how do you do it, and what are the best discs for rollers? In this guide, we’ll show you the best discs and techniques for maximum distance […]

Hyzer Flip vs. S-Shot vs. Flex Shot: The Ultimate Guide

Three main shot types are used to maximize distance in Disc Golf, but which is right for you? All three provide different flight patterns that can be useful for avoiding obstacles, but in this article we’ll focus on the mechanics of the Hyzer Flip, S-Shot, and Flex Shot, and then explain the associated benefits (and […]

Overstable vs. Understable Discs: How to Choose the Best Turn Rating

This episode of our Video Guide Series features an ADVANCED explanation of disc golf disc Turn (high-speed stability) numbers, including how Turn affects flight, factors impacting Turn, and how to choose between Overstable and Understable discs (full video transcription provided at the bottom of this post). Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video: Innova Discs Flight Rating […]

Using Science to Increase Your Drive Distance

The number of variables affecting the distance of a disc golf drive seems infinite, but for players using good form, the primary controllable factor is disc release speed. Using a radar gun, data was collected by Theo Pozzy at a distance driving event in 2000 to correlate disc release speed in MPH with total flight distance in […]

Putting: Top 6 Tips to Improve Your Game

There are LOTS of different putting styles seen in Disc Golf. However… Our research on techniques used by the top pros and coaches in the game shows that there is a definitive methodology considered to be the overall best for both rapid improvement and high-percentage accuracy. For this analysis, we are highlighting images from the […]