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The Best Forehand (Sidearm) Disc Golf Discs

While Right-Hand Forehand (RHFH) and Left-Hand backhand (LFBH) are closely associated due to their similar flight patterns, they are not the same throw and require completely different discs for optimal performance. So which discs are the best for forehand/sidearm throwers? In this guide, we will explain specifically how the differences affect disc flight, and how to use that […]

The Absolute Best Disc Golf Discs for Kids

Many Disc Golfers want to help the children in their lives develop a passion for the sport. Unfortunately, most disc golf discs are very difficult for children to throw. So what do you do? In this guide we’ll define the key discs characteristics needed to help kids generate more distance and ultimately have more fun, […]

Putters: Which are the Overall Best?

The putter is the single most important disc in every player’s bag, often making the difference between birdie or par (or, *gulp*, par or bogie). So how do you choose the best one? In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the 5 most important aspects of putter selection, and tell you which putters ranked as the overall […]

The Top 3 Disc Golf Driver Options for Older Players and Seniors

To achieve maximum flight distance, the optimal driver choices for many senior disc golf players can be different from those of a twenty-something athlete.  In this guide, we will demonstrate three different options for players who throw discs at a moderate release velocity and want to increase their drive distance. Note: This is not a guide […]

The Best Roller Discs for Maximum Distance

Almost all disc golf players use roller shots to get out of trouble, but only a few know that well-thrown rollers will travel 10-15% farther than aerial distance drives. But how do you do it, and what are the best discs for rollers? In this guide, we’ll show you the best discs and techniques for maximum distance […]

The Best Beginner Disc Golf Disc Set

For Beginning Players, learning to successfully drive, approach, and putt is critical. But which discs create the best foundation for beginners? We’ve designed the following 3-Disc Foundation Set to give beginners the tools they need to negotiate all aspects of the game using only discs that: Are easy for beginners to throw Will help develop […]

2016’s Best New Discs

If you’re always looking for new disc golf discs that will give you a competitive edge, this article is for you. With 24 new disc golf discs approved by the PDGA since November 2015, we’ve taken our usual analytic approach to determine if any of them truly deserve a place in your bag.  In this […]

Poll: Best Disc for Beginners

With 1,352 votes cast, representing 66 discs from 15 of the top disc golf manufacturers, we have a decisive winner for the Best Disc Golf Disc For Beginners! But first, an overview of the poll methodology and results: The Nomination Process Respondents were given the following two rules before nominating new discs or voting on discs […]

2015’s Best New Discs

With constant improvements in mold design as well as new developments in plastic resins, Disc Golf technology continues to advance.  Since December 2014 alone the PDGA has approved 38 new discs spanning 15 different manufacturers. But how many of them can really improve your game?  Most “new” disc releases are simply manufacturers releasing their brand’s version of a popular […]