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The Best Winter Disc Golf Discs

Anyone who’s played disc golf on a cold day knows that discs feel and fly quite differently (normally WORSE) in the winter than they do in the summer. But what is the cause, and what can you do to prevent the loss of performance? Choosing Winter Disc Golf Discs In this Video Guide and supplement, we’ll […]

The Best Printable Disc Golf Scorecard Ever

Why use a scorecard that just keeps your score.. …when you can use a scorecard that helps IMPROVE YOUR SCORE! via GIPHY   How Does it Help Improve Your Score? The inside flap of the scorecard contains our exclusive Wind-Guide, providing detailed disc selection recommendations based on course winds coming from any direction! If you […]

Using Weather to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Having the right specialty discs for specific weather conditions will give you a HUGE advantage on the right days. But which discs do you need, and when should you use them? In this guide, we’ll show which specific weather factors you should monitor, the best place to find Disc Golf Weather Analysis, and three critical specialty […]