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This week’s episode features complete instructions on choosing the optimal disc golf driver weight, including the impact of disc weight on speed and distance, changes to disc stability, and compensating for wind.

Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video:

Bushnell Handheld Radar Gun – Measure disc flight speed

Pozzy.com – Theo Pozzy’s Homepage

Physics Calculators and equations for velocity and acceleration

PDGA Article – Lizottte sets record for longest outdoor throw

Innova – Blizzard Boss – Disc used for World’s Record Longest Flight

Video – Watch Simon Lizotte throw 89.5 MPH!

Innova – Blizzard Wraith – Disc Used for World’s Record Fastest Throw

USA GUTS – Rules for the sport of Guts on the Guts main site

Guts Pro Frisbee – Wham-O Official Guts Disc


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3 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Disc Golf Driver Weight


    Just joined yesterday and have watched most of your videos. Great info broken down so its easy to understand. You have answered a lot of questions that I couldn’t get answered elsewhere.

    • Bart Bird says:

      Thomas – glad to help! Stay tuned: we have several more videos coming out this year that cover key topics/points that are often overlooked.

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