Ultra-distance drivers are tricky. While they have the potential to provide the longest possible disc flights, if a player does not have good form and sufficient release velocity, they will actually produce flights that are disappointingly short.

So how do you know if they are right for you, and if they are, which ones will be the best?

In this guide, we will compare six of the proven best ultra-distance drivers and provide you with the detail to decide which one(s) will provide you with the best possible performance for your experience level and style of play.

After the analysis, we’ve also included three specific recommendations for optimizing your bag using two of the discs below.

The 6 Contenders

Innova Destroyer

Plastic: Star
Weight: 165-172g
Design Strategy: Balanced performance and versatility

Why it Made the List: The Destroyer is currently the single most popular professional distance driver, and is the signature driver for 4x PDGA World Champion, Paul McBeth.

The Destroyer also carries the proven Glide/Turn/Fade rating of 5/-1/3 that has been used to produce the three longest disc golf drives of all time.

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Latutide64° Enforcer

Plastic: BioFusion
Weight: 170-174g
Design Strategy: Maximum control and wind resistance

Why it Made the List: The Enforcer is optimized for maximum control and wind resistance, giving players an excellent option for windy days, sky hyzers, spike hyzers….or anytime a predictable, overstable flight arc is essential.

The Enforcer’s low Glide also make it an ideal choice for distance tomahawk/thumber shots.

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Prodigy D1

Plastic: 400G
Weight: 165-174g
Design Strategy: High control, but with good Glide for extra distance potential.

Why it Made the List: The D1 is the current #1 most popular “maximum control” ultra-distance driver used by the worlds top professional players!

The D1 is a middle-point between the Enforcer and the Destroyer — more Glide than the Enforcer to help produce additional flight distance, but more Overstable flight that the Destroyer to add additional control and wind-resistance.

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Innova Boss

Plastic: RPro
Weight: 151-164g
Design Strategy: Balanced performance; slightly reduced weight for max-distance

Why it Made the List: The R-Pro Boss (like the Destroyer above) also carries the proven 5/-1/3 rating and holds the current world record for distance at an amazing 1108 feet!

In fairness, these contests are often held in high wind conditions, so don’t expect to go out and throw over 1000’ on a calm day, but when the biggest arms in the world choose a disc they think can set the world record, the Boss has been the go-to disc for several years.

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Discraft Force

Plastic: Z-Line
Weight: 167-172g
Design Strategy: Excellent control plus high glide for additional distance

Why it Made the List: The Force offers a counterpoint to the Enforcer above: while they both produce very overstable flights, the Force also generates high glide to increase driving distance by extending the total time in flight.

It is also worth noting that 3x World Champion Nate Doss (who brought the Discraft Nuke to infamy as his go-to driver) has now adopted the Force as his go-to disc.

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Innova Shryke

Plastic: Star
Weight: 165-172g
Design Strategy: Superior distance requiring only moderately high velocity

Why it Made the List: The Shryke is Innova’s latest entry into the ultra-distance game, and while it has found its way into the bags of a few top pros, the Shryke is BOOMING in the hands (and bags) of advanced-intermediate players.


In many ways, the Shryke performs like a less overstable Force (above). High Glide works to extend the Shryke’s time in flight, but its less overstable configuration allows the Shryke to also produce extra-long turnover flights at lower speeds.

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Performance Rankings and Analysis

While the 5 discs in this analysis have all proven themselves to provide elite-level performance, there is no single disc that is an elite performer in every single category.

It simply isn’t possible.

While our Beginner and Intermediate Sets recommend very specific discs that form an excellent foundation for almost any player’s bag, for Advanced players the best options depend on the player’s specific release velocity, strategic preference and playing style. 

For comparative analysis, we’ve force-ranked the six discs in each of the following categories: Driving Distance, Consistency, and Versatility.


For Average Players
  1. Shryke
  2. Boss
  3. Destroyer
  4. D1
  5. Force
  6. Enforcer


For Power Players
  1. Boss
  2. Force
  3. Destroyer
  4. D1
  5. Enforcer
  6. Shryke


& Wind Resistance
  1. Enforcer
  2. D1
  3. Force
  4. Destroyer
  5. Boss
  6. Shryke


& Flexibility
  1. Destroyer
  2. Boss
  3. Shryke
  4. D1
  5. Force
  6. Enforcer

(1 & 2) Driving Distance

Because these discs provide varying levels of performance at different release velocities, we’ve created two separate rankings:

  1. Average Players – Rankings for players with average drive distances from 325-400′
  2. Power Players – Rankings for players with average drive distances over 400′

The Boss (using the World Record setting weight/plastic configuration) is the clear maximum-distance option for players who generate enough power to average drives of over 400 feet.

For players who do not currently drive 400′, however, the Shryke’s high Glide and more neutral stability will most-likely deliver the best possible distance performance, and in many cases help the player break the 400′ distance barrier.

If you do not currently average drives of at least 325 feet, we strongly recommend you consider an Innova Valkyrie or Discraft Avenger SS from our Top-10 Overall listing.

(3) Consistency

Differing design methods/strategies used to maximize a disc’s distance potential have differing impacts on the disc’s consistency.

The extreme overstability of the Enforcer and Force place them in the top two spots for consistency, with the Enforcer’s unparalleled wind-resistance helping it secure its position as the very best performer.

An Important Comment on the Shryke: in force rankings such as these, one disc has to be last. To be clear, the Shryke definitely provides superior consistency when compared to the majority of distance drivers on the market, but in this specific and hyper-elite grouping, it does rank 6th.

(4) Versatility

As stated above, it is simply not possible to have a disc that is the #1 performer in every category.

With this in mind, some distance drivers are engineered to do one or two specific things REALLY well, while others are developed for use in a broader range of scenarios.

The bottom line is this: the Destroyer does not have any weaknesses that we can find, which is why it also ranks as our #1 Overall Distance Driver for Advanced Players.

Though the Boss may fly farther and the Enforcer may be more consistent in high winds, the Destroyer’s proven and balanced 5 Glide, -1 Turn, 3 Fade rating produces very strong performance in every measured category, without any offsetting weaknesses.

3 Specific Combo Recommendations

Based on the performance results above, we have developed three Advanced player strategies for optimized bag-building:

Strategy #1: Boss + Enforcer

Combines the disc with the most distance potential (Boss) with the disc that generates the most consistent flights (Enforcer), giving you the best possible options for almost any scenario.

Strategy #2: Destroyer + Destroyer

This is the most common professional approach, minimizing bag complexity and developing true mastery of one primary mold. As you see in almost every “In the Bag” video, the top players typically carry 2-5 copies of their primary driver.

 Strategy #3: Shryke + Firebird

This strategy is an alternate version of Strategy #1, designed specifically for players who currently drive 325-400 feet.

Yes, we know we did not discuss the Firebird (because this list is for Speed 12+ Discs), but if your release velocity matches up the best with the Shryke, the Firebird will prove to be a far superior alternative to the Enforcer for highly overstable consistent flights.

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