Disc golf discs used to set world records are clearly discs that are capable of delivering the highest levels of performance.

But what makes the world record holding discs so special, and can they help you improve YOUR game?

In this analysis we’ll detail each of the current world record holding discs, explain what features allow them to perform at such a high level, and help define whether or not they may be right for you!

Longest Backhand Flight Distance (Men’s)

Record: 1,108.9 Feet
Year: 2016
David Wiggins Jr.
Disc Mold: Boss

  • Manufacturer: Innova Discs
  • Plastic: RPro
  • Weight Class: 156g


Studies have proven that the most important factor in Backhand driving distance is release velocity, and the most important variable impacting release velocity is disc weight.  Lighter = Faster = Farther (Watch our full video on Disc Weight Selection).

Because of this, it is no surprise to find that the five farthest throws of all time were made with discs under 157 grams, with the top three spots all held by the Boss.

The Boss has the proven -1 Turn, +3 Fade, +5 Glide profile many top pros prefer for maximum distance. Selecting a light gram weight and combining it with one of Innova’s most understable plastics (Watch our full video on Plastic Selection) helps players generate the release velocity and turnover needed to realize maximum distance with an overstable, ultra wide-rim driver.

Get A World Record Specification Boss HERE

Longest Backhand Flight Distance (Women’s)

Record: 569 Feet
Year: 2016
Jennifer Allen
Disc Mold:

  • Manufacturer: Innova Discs
  • Plastic: StarLite
  • Weight Class: 151g


To set the Women’s Record, Jennifer used the exact same technology path as her male counterpart above, David.

The Wraith is also a -1 Turn, 3 Fade, 5 Glide disc (like the Boss), but because Jennifer has a lower release velocity than David she chose a slightly lighter disc (5g lighter) with a slightly narrower rim to compensate.

Get a World Record Specification Wraith HERE

Longest Forehand/Sidearm Flight Distance

Record: 624 Feet
Year: 2014
Jason Cortella
Disc Mold:

  • Manufacturer: Legacy Discs
  • Plastic: Icon
  • Weight Class: 168g


Because Forehand throws are much more commonly affected by off-axis torque (OAT), for maximum Forehand distance, players need discs that provide superior torque resistance, and the Cannon does this in two ways:

Firstly, the Cannon has the maximum allowable 2.5cm rim width, increasing its rotational inertia (and thereby increasing its torque-resistance) by putting a very high percentage of total mass around the perimeter (watch our video guide on Rim Width and Speed).

Secondly, at 168g the world record Cannon is notably heavier than the record-holding Backhand discs, thereby creating even more rotational inertia and resistance to off-axis torque.

Get A World Record Specification Cannon HERE

Longest Overhand / “Upside-Down” Flight Distance


Record: 483 Feet
Year: 2014
Jason Cortella
Disc Mold:


“Upside Down” is a term inherited from Ultimate Frisbee, describing both Thumber and Tomahawk overhand throws.

The three secrets to maximum distance: eliminating off-axis torque (flutter) to improve aerodynamics, reducing lateral motion to maximize forward motion, and maximizing the time the disc is upside down.

To do this, players need discs with:

  • A wide rim (dampens flutter)
  • Overstability (reduces both turbulence and lateral motion while prolonging the duration of upside-down flight)
  • And low Glide (significantly reduces turbulence and lateral motion).

The record-setting XXX not only has a very wide rim for its Speed rating, it is also probably the most overstable driver ever produced by Latitude 64° and has incredibly low Glide for a driver (Glide 2!).

Get a World Record Specification XXX HERE

Highest Throw Speed (MPH)

Record: 89.5 MPH
Year: 2013
Simon Lizotte
Disc Mold:

  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: Blizzard
  • Weight Class: 130g


One disc with two world records?  Yes and no: different plastics, and different weights.

As stated above Lighter = Faster, so it’s no surprise that the fastest recorded throw was made with the lightest allowable disc: 130g.

While the top pros have too much power to use a disc this light in tournament play, the 130-149 disc class offers many players the opportunity to generate significantly more speed (and distance!) than they could with a moderately weighted disc.

Get a World Record Specification Wraith HERE 

Most Recorded “Aces”

Record: 7%
Year: Ongoing
Disc Mold:

  • Manufacturer: Discraft
  • Plastic: Z-Line (most common)
  • Weight Class: 170-175g (most common)


With literally hundreds of different discs on the market, to have one disc responsible for 1 in 14 of all recorded aces is simply stunning.

The Buzzz accomplishes this by combining overstable high-speed flight with very low fade.  The result: predictable flight lines at high speeds, with a low-speed finish that is much longer and straighter than a traditional Midrange disc — perfect for hitting the chains.

Get a World Record Specification Buzzz HERE


We hope this guide helps you find a new disc that is right for your game!  If you have any questions, please let us know using the Contact page.  We are always happy to help our subscribers! Sources: WFDF, Disc Golf Scene

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