Beginning players often choose Low Fade discs because they want something that “goes really straight.”

This is a huge mistake….

While there is always a place for low Fade discs, in this guide we’ll show you 5 Reasons why High Fade discs are a critical component of every player’s bag.


Getting Grounded

All Graphics in the Guide are based on a Right-Hand-Backhand (RHBH) or Left-Hand-Forehand (LHFH) throwing motion, meaning that the disc is spinning clockwise upon release from the hand.


Defining Fade

As part of the Disc Flight Rating system, “Fade” is the degree to which a disc will turn left during the low speed, ending portion of the disc’s flight.  All other factors being equal, High-Fade discs will have a large fade to the left at the end of flight, where Low-Fade discs will have a longer, straighter finish.

Comparing Low and High Fade


Turn - Shot Shaping GraphicReason #1: Shot Shaping

The most common use of Fade for players is Shot Shaping (though we hope to change that today).  A strong fade to the left at the end of flight can provide excellent positioning on holes where no direct line to the basket exists.


Reason #2: Headwinds

Because discs thrown into headwinds will produce much more Understable flights than they would normally, selecting an Overstable disc with high Fade will help compensate for the wind’s effect and provide a much more successful net effect.

Distance ControlReason #3: Distance Control

As discussed, high-Fade discs to provide less total distance, but they also provide the most consistent distance because High-Fade converts forward motion into lateral motion at a very predictable rate.

For short holes, holes with water behind the basket, or any time distance precision is more important than maximum distance, High Fade discs are the best option.

Reason #4: Flex Shots

For players unfamiliar with Flex Shots we strongly recommend reading our complete guide to advanced distance shots.  For players seeking to optimize their Flex Shot, pairing high Fade with an Overstable disc will further improve consistency by ensuring the second half of the disc’s flight pattern fully compensates for the initial anhyzer release.

Turn - Hyzer ShotsReason #5: Hyzer Shots

When throwing Hyzers, High-Fade discs will hold a hyzer angle much more effectively that Low-Fade discs. Whether this is a traditional Hyzer, Spike Shot, or Skip Shot, High Fade will ensure that the disc finishes in the line you intended.

Additionally, because higher angles of attack result in a more pronounced Fade, for maximum distance control discs should be thrown with a higher than typical nose angle.


Conclusion, Follow-Up, and More Info

We hope this helped show you the many reasons to always carry a high-Fade disc!

Want to know even more?  Check out our complete video guide on Fade here!

If you have any specific thoughts or questions, please let us know in the comments below, or via our Contact page.  We are always happy to help our fellow players!



2 thoughts on “Fade: The 5 Reasons You Need a High-Fade Disc

  1. Neo says:

    I’m newly avid player. I say newly avid becuase after 8 yrs, last fall I decided to take on this sport and develop myself better. I spent the last 4 months doing more and more research on perfecting myself. Found this website lastnight and gotta say I learned a whole lot more from your teachings than I did using youtube videos. Thanks.

    So for this post. Which Innova ratings/disc would give me that fade?. Also not strictly sticking to Innova either for suggestions. Ive only been driving with my Innova disc and found I do a lot better with them.

    • Bart Bird says:

      Neo – glad to hear our site is helping to improve your game! In Innova, for a Midrange the Viper will have the highest fade, and for a Driver the Monster. With the Monster, Champion plastic will further enhance the Fade. Good luck!

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