Selecting good gifts for Disc golfers can be very difficult.


Firstly, its hard to find the best disc golf gifts when there are literally hundreds (thousands?) of different disc golf products on the market, all claiming to be the “best.”

Secondly, Disc Golf is FULL of esoteric jargon and lingo that can make the gift selection process very confusing.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll cut through the noise and provide can’t-miss disc golf gift ideas that your special someone is sure to love!

If you are specifically looking for the best “starter set” for someone who is new to the game, be sure to check out our 3-Disc Foundation Guide to learn everything you need to know about Beginner sets.

Otherwise, read on…….

Gift Rule #1: Avoid “Drivers,” Go with “Short-Game.”

Disc Golf Drivers are the discs designed for maximum flight distance.  The exact criteria for a “good” driver, however, are very specific to an individual player’s throwing style, experience level, and release velocity. Because of this, Drivers are typically hit-or-miss when given as gifts.

Midrange Discs and Putters, on the other hand, have specific characteristics that are beneficial to practically any player, thereby making them much better gift ideas!

Best Disc Option #1: Putting Disc

What to look for in Putter:

  • Straight flight
  • Excellent grip
  • High wind resistance

Recommended Putting Model: Innova Yeti Pro Aviar (170-175 gram weight)

The Aviar has the lowest possible Fade rating (meaning it delivers very straight flights at putting speeds), the XT plastic uses elastomers to give the player excellent grip, and the heavy 170-175g weight class ensures maximum wind resistance.

To further prove its world-class performance, the Innova Aviar has been used to win more PDGA World Championships than all other putters combined.

Get this Exact Aviar Model Here

Best Disc Option #2: Midrange Disc

The Midrange disc is what players use in between the Drive and the Putt.  Its goal is to get the disc as close to the basket as possible to give the player a short, easy putt.

What to look for in Midrange:

  • Consistent flight path
  • Excellent distance control

Recommended Midrange Model: Innova DX Roc 3 (165-169 gram weight)

Like the Aviar above, the Roc is a top professional player pick and has been used to win 19 total world championships.

The Roc’s highly overstable flight rating ensures very consistent flight paths at high speeds, and its high fade performance delivers a predictable end-of-flight hook to accurately control distance.

For versatility, the optimal Roc will weigh slightly less than the Aviar, thereby allowing the player to also use the Roc as a precision driver on short holes.

Get this Exact Roc Model Here

All Best Selling Discs

If you want to dig a litter further beyond the Putter and Midrange, here are the top selling discs in our store:

Gift Rule #2: Support Home Disc Golfing!

How? With a home Disc Golf Basket!

black-hole-practice-150Portable home baskets give players the ability to do so many things, like:

  • Practicing putting
  • Setting-up a short course around the yard
  • Playing the disc-golf version of “H.O.R.S.E.”

With home-baskets, finding the right balance of functionality and performance is critical. If the basket is too heavy, it becomes difficult to move around the yard, but if it is too light or has too few chains it doesn’t have the feel of a “real” basket.

Recommended Portable Basket: MVP Black Hole – Practice Model

The Black Hole Practice Model is the only full-size practice basket we’ve seen for under $150 that provides a full 24 chains hung in two different layers: very similar to what you will find with $500 non-portable, course-quality baskets.

At putting distances, our testing demonstrated no appreciable difference in performance compared other baskets that were almost twice as heavy.  Additionally, during testing the Black Hole was very easy to move from place to place around the yard.

Get a Practice Model Black Hole Here


Gift Rule #3: Every Player Needs an Awesome Bag!

For players who like to carry more than four discs when they play, a bag is essential gear.  Many of the older models (that most players still have) offer poor visibility and limited organization options, but the newer bags provide significantly improved functionality.

upper-park-v5-bag-150The four “C’s” in bag selection are:

  • Comfort
  • Capacity
  • Construction
  • Compartmentalization

Recommended Bag: Upper Park V5 Extra Light

This super-light backpack is extremely comfortable and holds up to 18 discs, each of which is well displayed and easily accessible due to Upper Park’s smart design scheme.

Despite its light weight, the V5 bag is built to last with durable, abrasion resistant material. Considering disc golf bags are placed on the ground around 50 times per round, the V5’s waterproof base and wear-resistant feet will also add a significant amount of longevity.

Get the Upper Park V5 Here

Gift Rule #4: Don’t Forget the Shoes!

Even though your disc golf player almost certainly has specialty shoes for every other sport they play, many disc golfers just wear some pair of shoes they already have lying around.

Help them out!

keen-disc-golf-shoeShoes for disc golf need to provide the following features:

  • Good grip on concrete tee pads AND various outdoor terrain
  • Low ankle coverage to allow flexion when driving
  • Toe coverage for rotation wear-protection during driving

Putting these elements together leads to one category: Trail Shoes

Recommended Disc Golf Shoes: KEEN Voyageur Hiking Shoe

Many hiking shoes meet the criteria listed above, but KEEN’s patented toe protection and torsion stability shank really set it apart from the others.

Get KEEN Voyageurs Here

Any Other Questions?

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for the disc golfer(s) in your life.  If you do have any other questions, however, don’t hesitate to ask by using our Contact page!  We are always happy to help!


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