Why use a scorecard that just keeps your score..

…when you can use a scorecard that helps IMPROVE YOUR SCORE!



How Does it Help Improve Your Score?

The inside flap of the scorecard contains our exclusive Wind-Guide, providing detailed disc selection recommendations based on course winds coming from any direction!

If you are going to carry a scorecard anyway, why not carry one that provides helpful tips!

Enlarge to Download or Print:

[pdf-embedder url=”http://www.bestdiscgolfdiscs.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Wind-Guide-Disc-Golf-Scorecard.pdf” title=”Wind Guide Disc Golf Scorecard”]


Want More Features?

If you have any ideas for additional helpful features we can pack into the card for you, PLEASE LET US KNOW using our Contact Page.


Looking for Discs with High Wind-Resistance?

Here are the top-selling Wind-Resistant Discs in our Store:

2 thoughts on “The Best Printable Disc Golf Scorecard Ever

  1. Ryszard says:

    About a year ago, you guys had a video or something that contained three charts on innova plastics. They were about grip, stability, and durability of the plastics. I lately have wanted to find those charts again but cannot find them. I would greatly appreciate if you would be able to tell me where to find it, or, if not, find a copy of them because they were a valuable resource too me.
    Much appreciated.

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