Disc Golf Driver for Wind

This video episode is our complete guide for choosing a disc golf driver when dealing with headwinds and tailwinds on the course. Coverage includes:

  • Disc Flight Dynamics Review
  • Aeronautical Terminology
  • Adjustment Guidelines based on Specific Wind Scenarios

Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video:

Relative Airspeed Guide – Calculating Airspeed

High Speed Turn – Innova Rating System explained

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  1. Eli parsons

    Which brand has a better selection of discs: Discraft or Innova?
    Which would you use?

    • Bart Bird

      Eli, Innova and Discraft both produce a complete selection of top quality discs, and we recommend specific molds from each that have been proven to be the best overall performers.

  2. Trevor Perry

    First, thank you for the videos. These have increased my understanding of my game immensely. Second, what would be the effect of keeping every other stat the same and increasing the speed for headwind. I throw a wraith that flies the way I like, but in headwind, it overturns and drifts right. Could I simply move up to a Boss?

    • Bart Bird

      Trevor — Absolutely! You could increase the speed to 12 (Destroyer) or 13 (Boss). Both discs have exactly the same Turn, Glide, and Fade ratings as the Wraith, so they should work well for your style. Another option would be to go with a more Overstable Speed 11 like the TeeRex.

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