Would you like to add 30-50 feet to your drives?

OF COURSE you would, and there are two ways to do it.

The first way is to put in lots of field work (which we highly recommend you do). The second way is to select a driving disc that was designed to be easy to throw far and properly matched to your skill level and arm speed.


If you currently drive over 350 feet, this guide is NOT for you! Please visit our Advanced Driver Comparison to find the best power driver for your style of play.


To help players (who currently drive under 350 feet) find the right disc, we have two options:


Read this complete guide and learn everything you need to know about finding and choosing discs that are easy to throw far.


Just skip down the page and read “Selecting the Right Speed”, then choose amongst the twelve discs we’ve selected.



Ready to learn everything?

In this complete guide, we’ll do four things:

  1. Outline the three critical disc design features needed for maximum distance,
  2. Explain how to match your skill level and arm-speed with the right disc rim width
  3. Provide 12 specific examples of discs optimized for distance, ordered by rim width
  4. Detail strategies for managing discs that are not giving you maximum distance

Let’s get started!

The 3 Max-Distance Design Features

Feature #1: Optimized Stability

To maximize the amount of time a disc spends in flight, it must provide some degree of turnover during the initial, high-speed portion of the flight. If a disc is too Overstable, it very quickly begins to bend left (for Right-Hand, Backhand players) before crashing hard.

We call this the “Overstable Crash” and it is the #1 cause of lost drive distance (Figure 1 below).

Figure 1: Overstable “Crash” reduces flight time and distance

High-power players often need overstable discs to handle their extremely fast release velocities, but discs that are easy to throw far are almost always understable or neutrally stable.

Feature #2 High Glide

Glide measures the amount of lift generated by a disc at a given velocity. You can think of Glide simply as a disc’s tendency to stay in flight.

Higher glide discs tend to stay in flight longer, particularly as they begin to slow and need more lift to stay aloft. For maximum distance, always select discs with at least a 5 Glide rating, and for discs that are easy to throw far ratings of 6 or 7 strongly recommended.


Every forehand AND backhand distance record set in the last +10 years was thrown with discs rated at 5+ Glide


High Glide is essential for long flights, regardless of your release velocity.

Feature #3 Low Fade

Fade measures the degree of hook in the disc’s flight as it slows.  High Fade produces a pronounced hook that, while essential to certain shots, is an absolute distance killer.

For a longer, straighter finish (read as “more distance!”) always select discs with moderate to low Fade ratings. Ideally, this will be in the 1 to 3 Fade range for drivers, with 1 producing the longest finishes.

Figure: Low Fade produces longer, straighter finish than High Fade



Selecting the Right Speed and Rim Width

Bottom Line: finding the right Speed Rating and Rim Width is the most important factor for maximizing your distance potential.

Speed Ratings and Rim Widths are very closely associated: as a general rule, as rim widths increase, Speed ratings increase.

More importantly, as Speed and Rim Width increase, the technique and power required to generate optimal flight patterns also increase.


High “Speed”, wide rim discs require more release velocity AND better throwing mechanics to generate optimal flight patterns than lower Speed, narrower rim discs.


For this reason, the discs below are ordered by Rim Width, beginning with the most narrow rim and progressing to a max width 2.5cm rim driver.

The 12 Discs – Ordered by Difficulty

All 12 discs below are optimized for distance and easy to throw far.

However, to produce an optimal flight pattern, the last disc in this list (Prodigy D6 – 2.4cm rim) will require significantly more power (and better technique) than the first disc (Discraft Glide – 1.5cm rim).

1.5cm Rim: Discraft Z-Line Glide

  • Turn: -4 (Very Understable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 1 (Straight Finish)

With a very narrow (but aerodynamic) rim, the Glide is structurally and aerodynamically the easiest disc on this list to throw far.

The Glide’s very understable flight will generate the necessary high-speed turnover for players even when thrown at relatively low speeds.

See the Glide’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

1.8cm Rim: Latitude64° Opto River

  • Turn: -1 (Moderately Overstable)
  • Glide: 7 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 1 (Straight Finish)

The River may have the best Glide performance on this (or any other) list, with players often reporting that it just “keeps going and going.”

The River is one of the more overstable discs on this list, and while overstable discs typically require more power to generate long flights, the River’s Glide and Fade help to extend flight, resulting in very predictable, straight flights.

See the River’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

1.8cm Rim: Latitude64° Opto Diamond

  • Turn: -3 (Understable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 1 (Straight Finish)

The Diamond provides high glide with understable flight to produce long turnover shots with very little effort.

Additionally (unlike most other discs on this list) the Diamond is available in some very light weight-classes, helping players generate additional release velocity to produce even longer flights.

See the Diamond’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

1.8cm Rim: Prodigy 400G F7

  • Turn: -5 (Very Understable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 1 (Straight Finish)

We specially selected the F7 as part of our two Essential Discs for Intermediate Players because its understable flight provides a great platform for anhyzers, s-shots, and distance rollers,

For newer players looking for extra distance, the F7 is a great longer-term selection, as it will transition to become a superb specialty disc as your skill level increases.

See the F7’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

1.9cm Rim: Discraft Z-Line Avenger SS

  • Turn: -2 (Neutral Stability)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide
  • Fade: 1 (Straight Finish)

The Avenger SS is the first “Distance Driver” on this list (with a rim approaching 2.0cm), and is also the driver included in our best-selling 3-Disc Foundation Set.

While it’s high Glide and Low Fade help ensure longer flights, the Avenger SS’s wider rim and more balanced stability can handle more power than all of the previously listed discs.

See the Avenger SS’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

2.0cm Rim: Prodigy 400G H3

  • Turn: -2 (Neutral Stability)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 2 (Gentle Fade)

The H3 is very similar to the Avenger SS above, though specifically featured an Prodigy’s ultra-premium 400G plastic.

400G not only provides exceptional durability and grip, it is available in lighter (160g) weight classes to help players generate additional release velocity.

See the H3’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

2.0cm Rim: MVP Fission Tesla

  • Turn: -1 (Moderately Overstable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 2 (Gentle Fade)

The Tesla provides long flights at a relatively wide range of release velocities, making it solid selection for a broad cross-section of players.

Additionally, MVP’s “Gyro” overmold technology and gyroscopic stability helps prevent/minimize “overstable crashes” when thrown too slowly and helps to delay fade longer than comparably designed discs, resulting in long, straight finishes.

Paired with MVP’s lightweight Fission plastic, the Tesla is a great option for players looking to add distance.

See the Tesla’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

2.1cm Rim: Innova Star Mamba

  • Turn: -5 (Very Understable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 1 (Straight Finish)

The Mamba’s 2.1cm rim moves it very close to the “Wide-Rim” driver category.

However, the Mamba’s understability (Innova’s most understable distance driver) and high Glide, produce long, floating S-Shots that would normally require significantly more power.

The Mamba is also one of our top 2 selections for older / senior players.

See the Mamba’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

2.1cm Rim: Discraft X-Line Thrasher

  • Turn: -5 (Very Understable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 2 (Gentle Fade)

The Thrasher is very, VERY similar to the Mamba above. The key difference is the plastic.

For the Thrasher, we recommend Discraft’s durable (but more wallet-friendly) X-Line plastic for producing extra Glide.

If you plan to also use this disc as a distance Roller, get the Star Mamba (ultra durable). If not, we recommend the Thrasher.

See the Thrasher’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

2.1cm Rim: Innova Blizzard Wraith

  • Turn: -1 (Moderately Overstable)
  • Glide: 5 (High Glide)
  • Fade: 3 (Moderate Fade)

The Blizzard Wraith holds the world record for the fastest throw at 95mph!

While it has slightly lower glide and slightly higher stability that most discs on this list, those factors are offset by its incredibly light weight (as low as 130g), allowing players to generate significantly more release velocity than they would with a standard 170g disc.

The additional release velocity increases lift, turnover, and ultimately distance. The Blizzard Wraith is our second disc recommended for senior and older players.

See the Wraith’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

2.3cm Rim: Innova Star Tern

  • Turn: -3 (Understable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 2 (Gentle Fade)

The Tern may be one of the hardest disc on this list to throw far, but compared to all other Speed 12 wide-rim drivers the Tern is incredibly easy to throw far.

The Tern’s flight ratings may be common on lower speed discs, but on a driver in this class, they are almost unheard-of.

A key point with the Tern is that while it needs less power to fly far than other discs in its class, it does still require solid technique to unleash its full potential.

See the Tern’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

2.4cm Rim: Prodigy 400G D6

  • Turn: -4 (Very Understable)
  • Glide: 6 (Very High Glide)
  • Fade: 2 (Gentle Fade)

If you have superior technique and solid (but maybe not elite) power, the D6 is the disc for you.

The aggressive rim found on discs this fast typically requires significant velocity to produce long flights, but the D6 still manages to provide the turnover and Glide levels of a much slower disc.

Again, excellent throwing technique is required to get the most from a D6, but if the skill is there, a D6 will deliver the distance.

See the D6’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

What if the Disc I Choose Isn’t Perfect?

There will always be some trial and error in finding the perfect driver, but based on how the disc(s) you select perform there are several simple options

If the disc is too OVERSTABLE….

No problem! If the disc you select is too overstable, it will provide you with an excellent option for very windy days, Flex-Shots, and Hyzer shots.

If you want to better optimize for more distance you can either select an alternate option with a more narrow rim and less stability, or keep practicing with the disc you selected.  As your skill level increases your distance with the disc will continue to increase.

If the disc is too UNDERSTABLE….   

Again, no problem! Players can ALWAYS benefit from having an understable disc in their bag. They are essential for Hyzer-Flips, S-Shots, Anhyzers, and Distance Rollers!

If you want to better optimize for distance, select an alternate option 2-3 discs down the list from your original choice.

Final Word

If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know using our Contact page.  We are always happy to help our members improve their game!


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4 thoughts on “12 Discs that are Easy to Throw Far

  1. Barry Fischer says:

    Bart – It’s Barry #706. I’m ‘older’ recently turned 75, and like most players always looking for the ‘perfect’ driver. Since I found the fission Tesla I have quit looking. I can’t recommend highly enough to those of us who have ‘noodle’ arms – try throwing a Fission Tesla. I have different weights for different throws. A 136gm is my hyper flip go straight. 139gm go straight finish fade right – can put on an anhyzer line and it will hold it. 143 gm throw straight and fade left – give a little anny and it will start right and still come back. a 148 for more windy days and a 151 for very windy and I don’t have to worry about it flipping up in the wind. It will come back. Don’t throw it very often. Just there in case. I have thrown most the discs on the list just to flippy probably just needed to be a little heavier. I always enjoy reading what you put out and enjoy talking with you the couple times we have. Keep up the great work. Any questions for me I will be happy to answer.

    • Derek Hipps says:

      Barry – thanks for the detail! Are you throwing forehand or backhand? I’m 68 and need to find every advantage I can for extra drive distance!

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks Barry! Still super pertinent information! I own a couple of TESLA’S but nothing as Light as 136-139g. I need to look around and find one!

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