Disc Golf Distance Driver Max

This video episode is our complete guide for choosing a disc golf driver that will give you maximum distance. Coverage includes:

  • Disc Flight Dynamics
  • Flight Path Failure Modes
  • Strategic Disc Selection
  • Top Professional Disc Selections

Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video:

In the Bag – Video series on top player disc selections

Innova Boss – Top Professional Speed 13 Distance Driver

World’s Longest Throw – article on Lizotte breaking the world distance record

Innova Star Destroyer – Top Professional Speed 12 Distance Driver

Innova Champion Wraith – Top Professional Speed 11 Distance Driver


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4 thoughts on “How to Find the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

  1. Tim Bott says:

    Another great video. Thank you for putting these together.

    One thing you didn’t mention in this video is adjusting (lowering) the weight of the disc to get the optimal turn. This was a huge breakthrough in my game when I discovered that a Destroyer is not “too much disc” for me when it weighs 155g. But reducing the weight also makes your discs much more squirrelly in the wind, so I also bag a full weight katana and valkyrie.

  2. Joey Lynn says:

    All of these videos are great productions with excellent information. I’ve been playing for about a 18 months and despite all the videos I’ve watched and people I’ve discussed the many topics of this sport, none have been so inclusive and concise as these videos and I have a much greater understanding in about 30-45 minutes of watching this material. I would greatly appreciate some additional topics like the many off angle shots, like hyzer, anhyzer, flex shots, hyzer flip, spike hyzer, thumber, tomahawk, etc. Maybe a summary of everything about them and general biomechanics to execute them and ideal disc selection. Another great topic is putting, but where to begin?

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