After a long day of studying release angles, off-axis torque, and lift-glide ratios, we love a good laugh about our favorite sport.

After searching far and wide, here are the funniest disc golf jokes and memes we’ve found:

I’d give this more than a 100% chance of that was possible.

I don’t always one-putt, but when I do it’s usually for double bogey.

That feeling you get when you realize you didn’t count how may discs you threw.

How to Avoid throwing into Water

What if I told you the point of disc golf is to play the least amount of disc golf?

I think we are safe here.  He never hits metal.


When everyone else putts.  When it’s your turn to putt.

That face I make when I ask my wife if I can disc golf.

Really? Because I’m pretty sure you got a 5.

Sometimes I wonder if the disc I lost is thinking about me too.

Expert Disc Golf Putting Techniques from Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Nate Sexton, and Chuck Norris.

The more discs they carry, the more they think they can coach you.

You carry 32 discs in your bag?  You must be an amazing player


Leaning in the direction I want my disc to go never helps, but I do it anyway!