Gear and Practice Working TogetherAt Best Disc Golf Discs our goal is to provide players of all skill and experience levels with science-based tools and information to help immediately improve their game.

We believe that personal improvement in Disc Golf is a cycle of new discs and skill gains.  As a player’s skill level increases, new discs are needed to take advantage of the player’s improved technique, increased release velocity, and heightened accuracy.

Concurrently, a player using the right discs for their level of play will typically increase their skills more quickly than players who are trying to use discs above their ability level, or (even worse) discs that try to compensate for technique shortfalls and ultimately prevent the player from correcting them.

We call this “The Circle”.

Busting the Myths Preventing Proper Disc Selection

When it comes to disc selection for newer players, we hear three misguided comments the most often:

(1) “Throwing a Midrange all day is boring.”Disc Speed Gauge

An unfortunate scenario plays out literally every day: a beginning disc golfer shows up at the course carrying his brand new, max weight Nuke, unknowingly dooming himself to an afternoon of watching his drives bite hard into the ground after about 150 feet.

If that player had selected the correct putter or midrange we can almost guarantee they would have flown better and ultimately made for a much more positive experience.

It’s human nature to want play with the fastest, “sexiest” discs available.  In every other sport we immediately choose the gear our favorite players use, but in disc golf the pros’ drivers are simply not good options for new players.

(2) “I’ll just keep throwing my (insert the name of a Speed 13 disc) until I get good at it.”

This idea has a certain intuitive appeal, but it has proven to be empirically unsound.  What is much more likely to occur is that the player will adopt bad habits attempting to make the high-speed disc work and drastically slow long-term improvement.

(3) “I don’t want to buy a disc I’ll outgrow in a few months”

Again, this idea seems to make sense at first, but in reality if the correct discs are chosen they will always have a place in the player’s bag.  You would be hard-pressed to find a player who claims to be too skilled to use an Aviar, Roc, or TeeBird.   Choose the right discs up-front, and you will likely end up with 2 or 3 of them in your bag one day.

Finding The Best Overall Discs

We’ve done the research and testing to help you sort through the hundreds of options on the market today for new discs.  By combining player polls, top pro selections, and multiple other sources we’ve put together the ultimate list of the Best Overall Disc Golf Discs.  These are discs that will always have a place in your bag.

While beginners can use our Best Overall Guide with caution, we’ve put together a better alternative we call the The Perfect 3-Disc Bag for Beginners,

Best 3 Discs For Beginners

New Disc Technology

Players searching for the latest technology in discs to help improve their game can check out our research on The Best New Discs for 2015, as well as our guide to Using Science to Increase your Drive Distance.

Putting Post It NoteImprove Your Putting Accuracy

Putting is unquestionably the single most important aspect of your game.  There are few things more frustrating than having a beautiful drive settle 10 feet from the basket, then turning what should have been a birdie into a par by two-putting.  Optimizing your putting has two key points:

1) Choose the right putter:  For our advice on the best overall disc, check out our take on the Best Disc Golf Putter

2) Technique:  We’ve researched the techniques used by the top pros and coaches to create the Top 6 Tips to Improve Your Putting today!


We hope you found this helpful!  As always, please let us know if you have any questions using our Contact page.  We are always happy to help fellow disc golfers!