Having mastered the basics of Disc Golf, Intermediate players must develop a wider variety of shots and optimize their drivers for maximum distance.

But which discs are the best?

In this article, we'll cover the two discs intermediate players can use to add the Flex Shot, Hyzer Flip, and Distance Roller to their game, as well as a driver that will take true advantage of the Intermediate player's increasing control and release velocity.

Are you Really an Intermediate Player?

We define Intermediates as meeting at least one (preferably two) of the following three criteria:

#1: Experience

Have played at least 50 full (18 Hole) rounds of Disc Golf

#2: Consistency

Average no more than 9 Shots over par for a typical 18 Hole round (this varies by course, use your judgement).

#3: Driving

Average drive distance is over 300 feet, landing "consistently" in the fairway (also varies by course).

If you do not currently meet these criteria, check out our 3-Disc Foundation for Beginners.  These discs will help you accelerate your gains, and will remain a part of your Intermediate Bag as your game progresses.

Intermediate Disc #1: Max Distance

Manufacturer: Innova
Mold: Wraith
Plastic: Blizzard
Weight: 145-157g

Here's Why: Is has been proven that light-weight discs fly farther than heavy discs, and Blizzard's neutral flight characteristics combined with extremely light weight plastic will typically increase players' release velocity by over 7mph -- enough to add over 50 feet do your drives.

Additionally, the Wraith's wide rim (2.1cm) helps prepare Intermediate players for their eventual transition to ultra wide-rim (+2.4cm) Advanced high-speed (+12) drivers, at which point the Wraith will transition to become your Hyzer Flip and tailwind driver.

Get A Blizzard Wraith Here

Intermediate Disc #2: Shot Diversity

Manufacturer: Innova
Mold: Mamba
Plastic: Star
Weight: 165-169

Here's Why: The Mamba is the most understable distance driver on the market today (-5 Turn), providing the ideal platform for three essential specialty shots:

  • Hyzer Flip: extra straight distance drive for narrow fairways
  • S-Shots: maneuverable drive to avoid hazards
  • Distance Rollers: extreme distance on clear ground or under a low canopy

The moderate weight (165-169g) provides the increased consistency needed with very understable discs, and the Star plastic helps ensure the Mamba maintains its out-of-the-box performance for a longer period of time without becoming too understable. 

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Incorporation with Beginners Discs

With the addition of these two discs (to our Foundation 3-Disc Set), the 5 discs can be used together to cover almost any situation that may arise:

Foundation Set:



Intermediate Set:

  1. Aviar: Putter
  2. Roc: Approach Disc
  3. Valkyrie: Use as primary driver on windy days

4. Wraith: Becomes primary distance driver
5. Mamba: Used for Distance Rollers, S-Shots and Hyzer-Flips 

Value Pack for our Members and Readers

Because we highly recommend the addition of both of these discs to your Intermediate bag (and as the second step in your complete 8-Disc bag building process) we've put these to discs together as a value pack for increased ordering convenience and combined savings

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Conclusion and Follow-Up

If you have any questions about this or other Disc selection topics, please don't hesitate to reach out through our Contact page. We are always happy to help our fellow players advance their game!


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