Having mastered the basics of Disc Golf, Intermediate players must develop a wider variety of shots and optimize their driver selection to support a more diverse range of course layouts and wind conditions.

But which discs are the best?

In this article, we’ll cover the two discs intermediate players can use (in conjunction with the Foundation Disc Set) to ensure they have a superior disc option for almost any in-game scenario they may encounter. 

Before you Proceed: WATCH THIS VIDEO

This video not only defines the key characteristics of the two critical Intermediate discs, it demonstrates exactly how and when to use them:

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Are you Really an Intermediate Player?

We define Intermediates as meeting at least one (preferably two) of the following three criteria:

#1: Experience

Have played at least 50 full (18 Hole) rounds of Disc Golf

#2: Consistency

Average no more than 9 Shots over par for a typical 18 Hole round (this varies by course, use your judgment).

#3: Driving

Average drive distance is over 300 feet, landing “consistently” in the fairway (also varies by course).

If you do not currently meet these criteria, check out our 3-Disc Foundation for Beginners.  These discs will help you accelerate your gains, and will remain a part of your Intermediate Bag as your game progresses.

Intermediate Disc #1: Overstable Driver


Manufacturer: Innova
Plastic: Champion
Weight: 170-175g

Here’s Why: The Firebird’s extreme overstability produces highly consistent and predictable overstable flight lines, even when thrown at very high speeds and/or into strong headwinds.

Additionally, the Firebird’s high Fade performance provides the highest levels of distance control you will find in a driver while also ensuring the Firebird can maintain a solid Hyzer angle for the full duration of its flight.

For Forehand shots (which are prone to wobble/flutter caused by off-axis torque), the Firebird’s wide rim provides good torque resistance to prevent wobble/flutter, and its overstable aerodynamics sharply reduce the negative effects of any remaining flutter.

To fully optimize the Firebird for its intended use, it is best paired with Innova’s most overstable plastic (Champion) and used in the heavy 170-175g weight class.

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Intermediate Disc #2: Understable Driver


Manufacturer: Prodigy
Plastic: 400G
Weight: 160-176g

Here’s Why: The F7 is the most understable driver on the market today (-5 Turn), providing the ideal platform for three essential specialty shots:

  • Hyzer Flip: extra straight distance drive for narrow fairways
  • Anhyzers / S-Shots: maneuverable drive to avoid hazards
  • Distance Rollers: extreme distance on clear ground or under a low canopy

The moderate-to-heavy weights provide the increased consistency needed with very understable discs, and the ultra-premium 400G plastic provides excellent grip while ensuring the F7 maintains its out-of-the-box performance for a longer period of time without becoming too understable.

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With these discs and tools, you’ll be prepared for almost any fairway layout and course conditions you encounter!

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