We've paired our scientific research with the molding quality of the world's #1 disc golf disc producer to bring you the MAX-GLIDE: an ultra-distance driver designed to add up to 50 Feet to your drive distance.

Who is Max Glide Right For?

The Max Glide was specifically designed to provide maximum distance for intermediate to advanced-intermediate players who consistently drive between 250 and 350 feet with their current driver.

If you currently drive between 250-350 feet and want to add up to 50 additional feet to your drive, this disc is for you.

Who is Max Glide NOT For?

No distance driver is perfect for everyone and everything.  Max Glide is not for:

  • Beginning players who cannot drive over 250 Feet (Go Here)
  • Senior Division players who cannot drive over 250 Feet (Go Here)
  • Any players who consistently drive over 400 Feet (Go Here)

Note: The Max Glide is not optimized for players who currently drive between 350-400', though many players in this range will still find it superior to their current driver.

Why Does it Fly so Far? Two Reasons

Reason#1: Flight Optimization

The Max-Glide provides all of the benefits of a typical wide-rim driver, but with key design features that make it more usable for players who typically drive under 350 feet:

  • Low Rim Parting Line: facilitates turnover during high-speed flight, increasing total flight time
  • High Dome: improves lift/Glide performance, further increasing total time aloft by allowing the disc to stay in flight longer as it slows.
  • Low Fade: longer, straighter flight finishes for even more total distance

Reason #2: Specific Optimization Options for Forehand and Backhand Throwers

If you have a backhand and a forehand player who both drive 300 feet, the end result may be, but the flight mechanics of these two styles are completely different.

Figure 1 below highlights the key differences:

Bottom Line: The optimal discs for Backhand and Forehand players are not the same.

Because of the differences between these different styles, we've developed two versions of the MAX-GLIDE, each specially optimized to take advantage of a style's strengths and compensate for its weaknesses.

Backhand Max-Glide

Backhand Max Glide

Weight: 140-150g
Plastic: Star
Objective: Increase Release Velocity
Solution: Reduce Disc Weight

The four farthest recorded Backhand throws of all time were with discs weights ranging from 134-157g. 

Why? For Backhand throws:

Light weight = More Velocity = More Distance

It has been proven that the most important factor in Backhand driving distance is release velocity, and the disc feature most affecting release velocity is disc weight.

For these reasons, the Backhand Max Glide is optimized at 140-150g.

Additionally, the backhand Max Glide is matched with Star Plastic to provide durability and balanced stability.


Forehand Max-Glide

Forehand Max Glide

Weight: 165-169g
Plastic: Champion
Objective: Extend time in flight
Solution: Reduce turbulence, increase stability

Forehand throws are much more prone to Off-Axis Torque (OAT), seen as "wobble" or "flutter" in flight.

The resulting turbulence not only slows the disc more quickly, it also creates excessively understable flight. 

To adjust for this, we've done two things:

(1) Increased Weight to 165-169g: Increasing the total weight increases torque-resistance by increasing rotational inertia and gyroscopic stability.

The higher torque resistance decreases wobble (and resulting turbulence), thereby preventing premature slowing.  

(2) Changed Plastic: "Champion" is Innova's most overstable plastic, which helps to balance the excessive turn-over that can be created by OAT.



As fair warning, the Max Glide is 100% optimized for maximum distance potential. This creates two limitations:

(1) Increased Variability in Flight Distance  The most reported comment on the Max Glide is that it sometimes "just kept going," staying aloft much longer and flying much further than expected/desired.    

The Max Glide is only for use when driving on holes where you are throwing for maximum distance, not for holes where you want the disc to fly a specific distance.

(2) No Headwinds   The Max Glide is not your best choice when a strong wind is blowing directly toward you (tailwinds and crosswinds are fine). 

Your New Secret Weapon

The Max-Glide is available exclusively for our Members and Subscribers, and we are very proud to say that almost every player who has tested it so far is reporting that it flys farther than any disc they have ever thrown.

If you meet the player criteria outlined above, get one for your bag today!