These top selections have been proven to provide the best overall performance for disc golf putters, with a focus on predictable flight, superior controllability, and high wind resistance.

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Featured Putters

While every putter in our store has been hand-selected to provide you with the best possible mold and plastics combinations, here are a few featured discs for your consideration:

Prodigy PA3 300

Category: Putting Putter
Key Feature: Amazingly straight putting flights

This Fade 0 Putter flies incredibly straight at low (putting) speeds, and (for the same reason) also one of the two most popular putters used by the world’s top professional players.

While the PA3 produces slightly less predictable flight patterns at driving speeds than the Aviar, if you are looking for a putter purely for putting the PA3 is your best bet.

For the most consistent performance, we strongly recommend the heavy 170-174g weight class paired with Prodigy's 300 plastic blend (specifically designed for high grip and solid putting feel).

Yeti Pro Aviar

Category: Hybrid / All-Purpose Putter
Key Feature: Very strong performance with drives, approaches, and putts

The Aviar has been used by more professionals to win more PDGA world championships than all other putters combined. The Yeti-Pro Aviar, in particular, is also the go-to putter for 5-time Putting Champion Jay “The Yeti” Reading, considered by many to be the best disc golf putter of all time.

The Yeti-Pro uses a unique plastic (formulated exclusively for this disc) providing the solid feel of Pro plastic, but with significantly increased grip, plus a slightly concave top for increased wind-resistance.

The max weight class (170-175g) provides additional wind-resistance.

Discraft Challenger OS

Category: Driving Putter
Key Feature: Superior distance control

This overstable variant of the original Challenger is specifically optimized to provide superior flight consistency and distance control, allowing you to drop the disc as close to the basket as possible when driving or making long up-shots (approaches).

The Challengers Fade 3 (VERY high for a putter) makes it more difficult to use as a pure putter, but when you want to drop a disc as close to the basket as possible from 175 feet out, the Challenger OS is your best bet.

We strongly recommend the Challenger OS paired with Discraft's highest grip material, Jawbreaker, and in the heavy 170-174g weight class.

Vibram X-Link Medium Ridge

Category: Hybrid / All-Purpose Putter
Key Features: Highly versatile, and made from the best all-weather material on the market

Vibram’s most versatile putter, delivering solid, predictable performance when driving, approaching or putting.

Paired with the amazingly “chain (and weather) friendly” X-Link material, the Ridge makes a valuable addition to any players bag.

The max weight class (170-175g) provides additional wind-resistance and consistency.

Discraft Pro-D Banger GT

Category: Hybrid / All-Purpose Putter
Key Features: Deep thumb-track for strong, consistent grip and release

Our #1 pick for thumb-track putters. The Banger GT’s deep track not only provides excellent grip, it also produces an airfoil in flight for MAXIMUM wind resistance.

We recommend the Banger GT in the economical Pro-D plastic that combines superior rigidity for torque/wobble resistance and provide solid releases under a wide range of weather conditions.

The max weight class (170-175g) provides additional wind-resistance and consistency.

MVP Electron Atom

Category: All Purpose Putter
Key Features: High density, Overmold rim

Overmolding allows disc manufacturers to combine the best properties of two materials into one disc, and place those materials in the part of the disc where they are needed the most.

For example, manufacturers can combine a flight plate made of very rigid, torque resistance material with a softer rim material that provides extra grip and dent-resistance, thereby giving players the best of both worlds in one product.

The Atom's overmolded rim that not only provides extra grip and damage-resistance, it also has a higher molecular weight than the plate material.


By shifting a higher percentage of the disc's total weight to the rim, the disc's rotational inertial and gyroscopic stability are both increased.

The increase in gyroscopic stability helps reduce "wobble" when the disc is thrown at low (putting) speeds, and also delays Fade to help ensure a straighter finish -- both highly desirable features in a putter!

We specifically recommend the Electron Atom. Electron is not only budget-friendly, it also offers the most grip of any MVP plastic, helping to deliver confident releases in any weather.

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