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There are LOTS of different putting styles seen in Disc Golf.


Our research on techniques used by the top pros and coaches in the game shows that there is a definitive methodology considered to be the overall best for both rapid improvement and high-percentage accuracy.

For this analysis, we are highlighting images from the 2013 PDGA World Master’s Championship, showing putts from 5-Time World Putting Champion, Jay “The Yeti” Reading.

Adopt these six tips and you should see immediate, noticeable improvement in your game:


#1 Use a “Fan” Grip

Fan Grip
Fan Grip

When driving, the snap of the release and resulting angular momentum create stable motion.  With the slower, lower-spinning releases in putting, however, your grip must also provide additional stability for improved accuracy.

Place your Index finger along the lip of the disc, with your remaining 3 fingers fanned out along the bottom.  This “fan” of fingers spread across the base helps provide the additional stability needed for a straight flight.


#2 Point Your Front Foot Toe at the Basket

Steps #2 and #3One of the most common mistakes we see is players lining up putts with their lead foot perpendicular to the basket.  Pointing your toe at the basket allows you to properly bend your knees (See Tip #4) and release straight ahead with your body balanced and centered.


#3 Keep Your Backswing Low and In Front of Your Body

Pull the disc generally straight backward and toward your midsection in your backswing, ending at or slightly below where your belt buckle would be.

Steps 4 and 5


#4 Shift Your Weight From Back To Front

During the backswing follow these steps:

  1. Bend your knees
  2. Shift your weight onto your back foot
  3. Push off with your back foot to shift your weight forward and onto your front foot

The Push-Off is critical to help generate forward disc speed.  As you can see from the images, Jay uses a full push even when the putt is relatively short, which highlights the importance of consistency in your motion from putt to putt.

Your push and shift should pull your back foot into the air as you follow through.  Just make sure you keep your body centered and aligned with the basket.


#5 Have a High Release Point

From your backswing, the motion of the disc should be straight forward and toward the basket, releasing at shoulder or eye level.  Many beginners use a lower release for fear of overshooting the basket, only to instead have the putt bounce off of the basket or fly under it.  For long-term success, you must release high.


#6 “Push” The Disc

Putting Tip 6Think of a putt as pushing the disc forward toward the basket, rather than throwing it.  The push will keep your throw straight and use the power generated by your weight shift (Tip #4).


BONUS #7: Choose the Right Putter

After testing a number of different putters from different manufacturers, our top pick (not surprisingly) has also been used to win more PDGA World Championships than all other putters combined. What is it?

Best Putter Mold: Yeti Pro Aviar

Manufacturer: Innova

Plastic: Yeti Pro

Weight: 170-175g

Why the Yeti Pro Aviar?

The Yeti Pro version of the Aviar was developed in with the assistance of Jay “the Yeti” Reading, the most successful putting champion of all time.

The Yeti Pro Aviar is extremely overstable, providing the most predictable flights in the widest range of wind conditions and release velocities.

Additionally, the Aviar has very low fade, ensuring straight flights on short putts as well as straight finishes on long putts and approaches.

These two features combine to provide maximum versatility and consistency.

For the best possible wind-resistance, we strongly recommend the heaviest weight class available (170-175g), and the Yeti Pro plastic ensures superior grip and control, even on cold or wet days.

See the Yeti Pro Aviar’s full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews

Rated 4.90 out of 5
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We hope this helps!  If you have any additional questions please let us know through on our Contact page —  we are always happy to help our subscribers. Also, if you want to see Jay in motion, check out the full 2013 Masters video.

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  1. West Coast DG says:

    Good point on consistency. Jay never gets lazy or slack on his putts. He uses the same motion EVERY TIME, and he’s got the world putting championships to prove it works. I didn’t know he has his own Aviar, though — got to get one!

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