Recommendation for disc with straighter flight

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VIP Fan asked 3 years ago

Westside VIP King, its one of my favorite discs. It’s very consistent, I love the feel, flies great, and it’s my farthest flying disc. However I tend to have to aim right or release it a bit late because it turns so hard at the end. So I’m wondering if you’d have any recommendations for a similar disc that can give me that same great feel, consistency, flight and distance but have it end up more straight and not off to left.

1 Answers
Bart Bird | Site Manager Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi VIP! – I would recommend a disc that is slightly less overstable and with slightly less fade.
This combination will allow you to throw the disc straight toward the target landing area by giving you some natural turnover flight to the right at the beginning of the flight, and then coming back to the center line as it slows.
If you are using the King now, a Shryke may give you the adjustments you need.