Why won't my discs fly straight?

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Jeremy asked 3 years ago

I am going to describe my efforts to get to know my discs first..
I have been playing actively for about 6 months and I enjoy getting out to “throw plastic with a purpose”. I am 63, and I am working on my RHBH form on a pretty wooded local course, lots of tunnel shots. I have concentrated my practice on two groups of discs (other than putting practice). I have tried throwing putters and approach discs off the tee, but I find my distance pretty limited (like 100 ft straight, 150 if I have room to hyzer) and I overpower (to the right) the lighter discs I try to throw straight (like a 150 gm Ruby). I am also throwing mid-range and fairway drivers (up to about a seven speed rating) and I have figured out which group of them I can’t flip (generally Z plastic or Champion) and the ones I generally can hyzer flip but often push right (beat DX discs), my best distance (when the hyzer flips go straight) is about 200ft and comes off a 150gm Leopard and a 155gm Tbird. I am also experimenting with a couple of very understable light discs (-3 Turn) like a 155gm Opto Diamond and River that I can do the same with on a good throw.
I understand what causes me to pull shots right or have a premature fade left, but I can’t figure out exactly why I might be pushing straight shots left of my target… any thoughts?
What kinds of things do you think I should try in order to achieve what you are proposing (i.e. knowing what individual discs will do for me)?

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Bart Bird | Site Manager Staff answered 3 years ago

Based on your input, my primary recommendation would be for you to increase your disc weights.
We do STRONGLY recommend 135-155g discs for experienced players who want extra distance but (for whatever reason) have trouble generating high release velocity.
However, because lightweight discs require the most precise releases we do not recommend ultra-light discs to players who have been playing for less than a year. They are just too hard to control.
For you, I would specifically recommend a balanced fairway driver like a Leopard, but at 170g.
When you can throw that straight down the fairway every time, then possibly consider lowering the weight to help with distance.