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The episode features an ADVANCED explanation of Disc Golf Disc Speed numbers, including how the ratings are determined, the impact of Speed on disc flight, and the tradeoffs between high and low-speed discs.

Disc Golf Speed Ratings Explained:

Links to Resources Mentioned in this Video:

Moment Of Inertia – Detailed explanation video

Innova Discs – Flight Rating System

Legacy Discs – Distance Drivers explained

Bradley Walker Snap Video

Bradley Walker – Excellent Snap Video 2

MVP Tesla Distance Driver – Try one and see if the over-mold tech delivers!

PDGA Approved Discs – .pdf files listing the details of all approved discs.





Snap Explained


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2 thoughts on “What is SPEED? Disc Golf Discs Numbers and Ratings Explained

  1. Brea says:

    Bart! I am so pumped that I found your site and your videos! I absolutely love how clear and detailed your information is, and absolutely love that you explain the science! Do you have an average distance or chart to measure drives for female disc golfers? What would you consider an average thrower and a big arm for an intermediate player? Thanks… Brea

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