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All Disc Golfers are different, and with individual players' unique combinations of throwing techniques and release velocities, no disc will fly exactly the same for two different people.

However, the recommendations assembled below represent discs proven to provide the best overall results for the broadest range of players, and we strongly encourage our members to include the appropriate discs below in their bags.

These discs can help significantly improve your game by combining the best possible molds, plastics, and weights for optimal performance.

Distance Drivers

Backhand Drives - Beginner & Intermediate Players

  • Innova GStar ValkyrieMold: Valkyrie
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: GStar
  • Weight Class: 165-172g

The Proof: The Valkyrie is a true anomaly: while its relatively narrow rim and perfectly balanced Turn and Fade make it the ideal driver for backhand beginners, it also held the world distance record (830′) for an incredible ten years.

Because this combination of “user friendliness” and distance potential make the Valkyrie a disc beginners will never outgrow, to increase longevity and help newer players generate additional turnover we recommend the durable, relatively understable GStar plastic in the lightest available 165-172g weight classes.

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Backhand Drives - Advanced Players

Disc - Star Destroyer
Star Destroyer
  • Mold: Destroyer
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: Star
  • Weight Class: 165-169g

The Proof: The Destroyer is the most commonly used distance driver by the top 15 professional players in the world, including 4-time PDGA Champion Paul McBeth (see the 8 Most Popular Pro Discs). 

In fact, Paul typically competes with six different Destroyers in his bag.

Paired with the overstable Star plastic and a moderate weight of 165-169g, the Destroyer delivers even more predictable flight in a wide variety of weather and wind conditions while still generating superior distance.

To reiterate, this disc is not for beginners, but advanced players with good release velocity will significantly benefit from the Destroyer's combination of high-distance and consistency.

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Forehand Drives - Beginner & Intermediate Players

  • Mold: Firebird
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: Champion
  • Weight Class: 165-169g

The Proof: To generate superior distance, the best forehand drivers must compensate for the off-axis torque/wobble and the premature flight destabilization caused by the relatively low spin RPM's inherent with forehand releases (read our full analysis on Forehand vs. Backhand drives).

Because of this, the optimal discs must have overstable aerodynamics to minimize turbulence, as well as perimeter weighting to maximize the gyroscopic stabilization effect.

Not only are Firebirds the most Overstable distance drivers we've ever tested, they have a relatively wide rim for their Speed class (shifting a large percentage of the disc's weight to the perimeter).  

These two features combine to provide superior distance by quickly dampening unwanted wobble and helping the disc maintain stable flight for the longer period of time by maximizing rotational inertia.

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 Forehand Drives - Advanced Players

  • Mold: Cannon
  • Manufacturer: Legacy
  • Plastic: Icon
  • Weight Class: 172-175g

The Proof: Taking things to the next level, the Cannon has the widest allowable legal rim width (2.5cm), allowing it to hold its rotational inertia for the longest period of time.

Additionally, Legacy's Icon plastic tends to produce the most overstable version of Legacy's molds, helping stabilize any unwanted off-axis torque (wobble) the most quickly.  

Using the heavy 172-175 weight class further increases rotational inertia to prolong stable flight duration.

While this extra wide rim and heavier weight would be difficult for beginners and intermediates to manage, they are a perfect match for the high release velocities of advanced players.

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Best Fairway Drivers

Most Accurate Fairway Driver

Disc - Champion Teebird
Champion TeeBird
  • Mold: TeeBird
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: Champion
  • Weight Class: 165-169g

The Proof: Used to win over 20 PDGA World Championships, the TeeBird is the “Go-To” fairway driver for the most successful male and female Pro Players of all time.


Overstability combined with High Glide produces the most predictable flight patterns while still maintaining good distance, even at moderate throw velocities.  Additionally, the TeeBird has unusually low Fade for an Overstable disc (+2), providing longer, straighter finishes that allow players to use the TeeBird as a distance driver in many situations.

Choosing Innova's most overstable plastic (Champion) further increases the TeeBird's already outstanding wind resistance.

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Most Versatile Fairway Driver

Disc - Champion Leopard

  • Mold: Leopard
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: Champion
  • Weight Class: 165-169g

The Proof: While the TeeBird may have more laser accuracy, the Leopard's balanced Turn and low Fade make it one of the easiest discs for players to throw consistently straight and far.

These characteristics also allow the Leopard to hold a wide variety of flight lines, making it a must-have all-purpose disc in your bag -- particularly if you like playing with only 2-3 discs.

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Best Midrange Discs

Best Driving Midrange

  • Mold: Buzzz
  • Manufacturer: Discraft
  • Plastic: Z-Line
  • Weight Class: 170-172

The Proof: The Buzzz is the current Ace record holder at (a massive repository of disc golf round scores), representing almost 1 of every 14 reported aces in their over 1,200,000 posted scores.

Additionally, In a recent large player poll, the Buzzz was overwhelmingly selected as the one disc all new players should have in their bag.

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Best Approach Midrange

  • BDG Purple Roc DX 3Mold: Roc
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: DX
  • Weight Class: 165-169g

The Proof: The Roc pairs predictable, overstable (Turn 0) high-speed flight with moderate Fade to produce the most consistent flight patterns, distance control, and wind-resistance we've documented in a midrange disc.

As further proof, the Roc has been used by multiple PDGA Pros to win a combined 19 PDGA Championships!

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Best Putters

Overall Best Putter

Disc - RPro Aviar
R-Pro Aviar
  • Mold: Aviar
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: R-Pro
  • Weight Class: 173-175g

The Proof: The Aviar has been used by more professionals to win more PDGA world championships than all other putters combined. The Aviar is also the go-to putter for 5-time Putting Champion Jay “The Yeti” Reading, considered by many to be the best disc golf putter of all time.

The grip of the R-Pro plastic helps to improve release consistency, and the max R-Pro weight class (173-175g) provides additional wind-resistance.  

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Best Specialty Discs

Distance Roller and S-Shot Disc

  • Mold: Mamba
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: Star
  • Weight Class: 165-169g

The Proof: The Mamba is the most Understable distance driver we've documented, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of specialty shots that require significant turn-over during high-speed flight. Examples:

Durable Star plastic keeps the Mamba from becoming too understable (even with lots of use), and the moderate weight of 165-169 provides great flexibility in shot selection.

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Best Driver for Maximum Distance

  • Mold: Boss
  • Manufacturer: Innova
  • Plastic: R-Pro
  • Weight Class: 151-164g

The Proof: The Innova Boss has the proven Turn/Fade balance for maximum distance and holds the top three spots on the Longest Recorded Drives list (all in the 151-164g weight class).  

The record? 1,108.9 feet (338m) by Dave Wiggins throwing a 154g RPro.

Why does it fly so far? The relative light weight combined with one of Innova's most understable plastics work together to provide the release velocity and turnover needed to realize maximum distance with an overstable, ultra wide-rim driver.

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Additional Research

To further optimize your game, please watch our #1 Video Guide Series video, "How to Find the Best Driver for Maximum Distance."  You'll learn the correct methodology for choosing your next disc based on the flight patterns you are experiencing with your current discs.

Also, If you have any specific thoughts or questions, let us know using our contact page!  We're always happy to help.

Have a great Round!



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  1. Tim Witzig

    what are the best discs to throw tomahawk / overhand….I’m intermediate player

    • Bart Bird

      Tim, we are working on a complete video for this now, and will send out an update to our subscribers when it is published!

      • Kenno

        For short get-out-from-the-bushes: try max weight DX Shark! If beaten in, it actually lands on the back really nice after gliding like a leaf

        • Bart Bird

          Kenneo – Yes, the Shark is a classic Midrange and great “get out of trouble” disc: nearly identical to the #1 DX Roc, but with slightly less Fade.

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