Here are the top resources for getting started in one of the world’s Fastest Growing New Sports:

STEP 1: Find a Course Near You

Top Resource: PDGA Course Finder

The most comprehensive (and user friendly) database of disc golf courses around the world!


If you are ready to pick up some discs and start playing, we’ve put together a set that is ideal for beginners, but with discs that you will never “outgrow.”

Get a 3-Disc Foundation Set HERE

However, if you’d like a complete (but quick) introduction to discs for new players, you can read our Beginners Disc Guide here, or watch this video:

STEP 3: Go Play!

With a great set of discs in hand and a course near you, you can get started today playing an amazing sport that takes an hour to learn, and a lifetime to master!

Any Other Questions? 

If there is anything else we can do to help you get started, please let us know using our Contact Page.  We are always happy to help!