For Beginning Players, learning to successfully drive, approach, and putt is critical.

But which discs create the best foundation for beginners?

We’ve designed the following 3-Disc Foundation Set to give beginners the tools they need to negotiate all aspects of the game using only discs that:

  1. Are easy for beginners to throw
  2. Will help develop proper technique
  3. Will ALWAYS be useful, no matter how long you play!

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Whether you are a beginning disc golf player or not, the performance criteria outlined for the three-disc Foundation Set below will typically form the core of even the most advanced players’ bags.

If you do not currently have discs that meet the standards outlined below you should strongly consider adding any pieces you are missing.

Foundation Disc #1: Distance Driver

Avenger SS

Manufacturer: Discraft
Ideal Weight: 162-172g
Optimal Plastic: Pro-D

The “Avenger SS” model was created to provide extremely long, gliding turnover drives at a wider range of release velocities than their best-selling standard Avenger, and the resulting driving distance improvements vastly exceeded all expectations.


The Avenger SS’s combination of balanced stability and high glide performance significantly extend the disc’s time-in-flight, while its gentle Fade performance provides additional distance by ensuring a longer, straighter finish.

Additionally, the Avenger SS was designed with neutrally balanced high-speed Stability, allowing a wide range of players to achieve maximum distance by making simple, minor adjustments to their release angle.

This versatility ensures the Avenger SS will be a valuable part of your bag for years to come, no matter how much your release technique and velocity improve!

The 162-172g class provides solid consistency and wind-resistance without any excess weight that will make the disc more difficult to throw, and the Pro-D plastic combines superior rigidity with high grip to prevent “grip-slip” and provide solid releases under a wide range of weather conditions.

Additionally, Pro-D “seasons” very well, transitioning the Avenger over time (and as the player’s skill and release velocity increase) to become a superior option for both long, gliding S-Flight Shots and high-distance rollers.

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Foundation Disc #2: Max-Consistency Midrange

Roc 3

Manufacturer: Innova
Ideal Weight: 165-174g
Optimal Plastic: DX

Rocs have been used to win more PDGA World Championships than any other Midrange discs by delivering consistency and predictability through two key design features:

(1) High Turn (high-speed overstability)

Overstable discs provide the most predictable curving flight paths under the widest range of velocities and wind conditions. Because of this, the Roc 3 was designed to produce highly overstable flights.

(2) Moderate Fade (low-speed hook)

Controlling your flight line doesn’t mean much if you can’t also control your flight distance. For maximum overall accuracy, the Roc3 produces a controlled fade at the end of flight (changing forward motion into lateral motion) to help you precisely manage the total flight distance.

High overstability paired with moderate Fade provide the consistent, predictable flight lines and distances that are critical for successful approach shots.

The moderate weighting of 165-169g adds the ability to use the Roc 3 as a driver on shorter holes, and the DX plastic option provides balanced performance in a wide range of shot selections.

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Foundation Disc #3: Straight-Flight Putter

300 PA3

Manufacturer: Prodigy
Ideal Weight: 170-174g
Optimal Plastic: 300

Unlike Drivers and Midrange discs, because Putters are intended for use at low speeds, Turn is not an essential feature.

Fade performance (low-speed curve), on the other hand, is critical, and the PA3 consistently demonstrates very low Fade, meaning that it delivers incredibly straight low-speed flights (i.e. putts).

Using a PA3 at the heaviest weight class (170-174g) ensures maximal wind-resistance, distance control, and consistency, and the 300 plastic provides superior grip for solid, confident releases.

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Foundation Set Value Pack

So many of our readers have asked to purchase all of these discs at the same time, we’ve created a value pack containing all three discs plus three critical tools to help you get the best possible performance from the set:

  • Free Bonus #1: Mini Marker Disc — perfect for marking your lie, but also really fun to throw!
  • Free Bonus #2: Avenger SS Flight Optimization Guide — helps you get maximum distance and all-course versatility from the Avenger SS!
  • Free Bonus #3: BDGD Wind Guide Koozie

This set has everything you need to take your game to the next level!

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Next Steps

We strongly recommend Beginners check out our Video Guide Series! Each video provides players with the knowledge they need to choose the best discs for their playing style!

Or if you have any specific questions, please let us know using our Contact page. We’re always happy to help fellow players improve their game!