Having the right specialty discs for specific weather conditions will give you a HUGE advantage on the right days.

But which discs do you need, and when should you use them?

In this guide, we’ll show which specific weather factors you should monitor, the best place to find Disc Golf Weather Analysis, and three critical specialty discs that will ensure you’re prepared for almost any weather condition you encounter!

3 Weather Factors to Always Check

There are three primary weather indicators to check before you play:

  1.  Wind Speed Wind speed is the primary indicator of how aggressive (or conservative) you’ll want to be with your disc selections.
  2. Temperature – Almost everyone understands that warm air is less dense than cold air.  What players often forget is that less dense air provides less lift for your discs and can reduce total time in flight.
  3. Humidity – Counterintuitively, humid air is much less dense than dry air. As with high temperatures above, when playing on very humid days disc lift will be reduced.

Note: Barometric pressure also impacts disc flight, but this is primarily driven by the relationships amongst pressure, temperature, and humidity, so as long as you are checking the Temp and Humidity % you’ll have the crucial information you need.

Disc Golf Web Weather App

As a service to our subscribers, we contracted the creation of a FREE weather web-app explicitly designed for disc golfers!

The app includes the most powerful and accurate weather source we could find combined with analysis and recommendations for you based on the current weather at your course.

Check out the Weather Advantage Web App now!


…..don’t forget to add a bookmark to your home screen so you can easily access it before you play!  


3 Critical Specialty Weather Discs

Despite the nearly infinite number of possible weather combinations, there are only three discs you really need to ensure you take advantage of (or prevent problems from) the current weather.

#1 Low-Wind Distance Driver

Primary Use: Max-distance driver when course winds are below 5mph.

It has been proven that the light-weight version of a disc will fly farther than the heavy-weight version (watch the full Video Guide on disc weight HERE). In fact, every recorded throw over 1000 feet has been made with a disc under 157g, including the current world distance record.

Because their flight paths can be significantly affected by wind, we do not recommend drivers under 160g as primary drivers for most players (exceptions here).  However, when winds are below 5mph, players have an excellent opportunity to increase their drive distance by using a light-weight driver, ideally between 130g-160g, often adding as much as 50 feet to their drive distance.

Our Top Low-Wind Pick: Innova Blizzard Wraith

#2 High-Wind Control Driver

Primary Use: Distance driver when course winds are above 18mph.

Combatting high-winds requires three things:

  1. Heavy gram-weight
  2. Reduced Glide
  3. High Overstability (Turn)

When facing high winds, driving distance becomes secondary to driving control.  A 450′ drive doesn’t help anyone if it flies 100′ into the treeline.

While using a very overstable disc in the +170g weight class will almost certainly reduce your drive distance, it will also provide very consistent overstable flight lines, even when thrown into a headwind or through strong cross-winds.

Also, selecting a disc with relatively low Glide will sharply to reduce the sudden and unpredictable disc elevation changes seen in high winds.

Our Top High-Wind Pick: Discmania C-Line PD2

#3 High-Temperature Driver

Primary Use: Distance Driver on hot, humid days

Hot, moist air provides notably less lift than cold, dry air (for a full explanation, watch our Glide Video Guide). In fact, some aircraft are even prohibited from taking-off if the heat and humidity are above certain levels.

To compensate for the ambient air’s reduced lift, players need a high-Glide (high lift) disc to help keep the disc in flight for a more extended period.

Using the standard 4-point scale we recommend discs with a Glide rating of 6.

Our Top High Glide Pick: Innova Star Shryke

A Complete Combined Approach

With up-to-the-minute weather analysis from our Weather Advantage Web App and these three discs in your bag, you’ll have everything you need to take maximum advantage of almost any weather situation you encounter at the course!

A Quick Request from the Founder…

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As always, our goal is to help our readers improve their games by selecting the best possible discs, so if you have any questions that we have not answered above, please let us know using the contact page.

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