Discs that Won World Championships

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When searching for the best Disc Golf discs, looking in the bags of the current and former PDGA World Champions is a great place to start.

Despite the hundreds of disc options available today, after compiling a complete list of discs preferred by World PDGA Champions, we were shocked by how many championships were won with the same three discs.

Additionally, three Women’s Championships and multiple Putting Championships were also won using these same discs.

Championships Won with the Same 3 Discs

PlayerCredentialsPutterMidrangeFairway DriverDistance Driver
Ken Climo12-Time World ChampionAviarRocTeeBird, FirebirdWraith, Destroyer
Paul McBeth4-Time World ChampionAviarRocTeeBird, FirebirdDestroyer, Firebird
Barry Schultz2-Time World ChampionAviarRocLeopardWraith, Firebird, Beast
Avery Jenkins2009 World ChampionAviarRoc, GatorTeeBirdWraith, Destroyer, Firebird
Valarie Jenkins3-Time World Champion (Women's)AviarRocTeeBird, RoadrunnerWraith, StarFire
Jay Reading4-Time World Putting ChampionAviarRoc, GatorTeeBird, C-Line TDDestroyer, Wraith

Selection Analysis

While some variation exists in the Distance Drivers (though not very much), one can quickly see that the exact same putter, midrange, and fairway driver have been used to win the vast majority of championships since 1990.

With this much agreement at the top, these are clearly three discs that every player should strongly consider adding to their bag:

#1 Championship Putter: Classic Aviar

Manufacturer: Innova
Most Common Plastic: DX
Weight Class: 165-175g

The Classic Aviar has truly stood the test of time and remains as Innova’s straightest-flying version of the Aviar in all stages of slight.

The heavier weight classes (165-175g) increase overall wind resistance, and the Classic Aviar is still only produced using the plastic for which it was designed: original DX.

Most use 3-4 Aviars with different levels of wear.

See the Classic Aviar’s full Flight Ratings Analysis plus Reviews

#1 Championship Midrange: Roc3

Manufacturer: Innova
Most Common Plastic: DX
Weight Class: 165-180g

As with the Putters, the champions above carried 3-4 Rocs to have different plastic options and levels of wear.

The Roc has been available in many versions over the years, with the Roc3 now reigning as the most popular version due to its incredibly straight high-speed flight and superior wind-resistance.

High-grip DX plastic remains the most popular, balanced by the Roc’s beaded rim that helps dramatically slow change in Roc flight stability over time.

See the Roc3’s full Flight Ratings Analysis plus Reviews

#1 Championship Fairway Driver: TeeBird

Manufacturer: Innova
Most Common Plastic: Champion
Weight Class: 160-175g

Fairway drivers had slightly more variation, but everyone carried at least one TeeBird.

Why? Highly overstable but with relatively low fade, the TeeBird provides incredibly predictable flight, but with a longer, straighter finish providing extra distance.  Because of this, many of the pros above will also throw the TeeBird from the pad.

See the TeeBird’s full Flight Ratings Analysis plus Reviews

Pro-Pick Value Pack

So many of our members have asked to purchase all 3 of these discs at the same time, for added convenience and reduced cost we’ve created a value pack containing the exact three discs listed above.

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What about the Other World Champions?

Several other players have won the PDGA World Championship since 1990, including amazing athletes like Nate Doss, David Feldberg, Eric McCabe, and Ricky Wysocki. In looking in their bags, however, there was very little or no commonality in disc selection.

Additionally, Dave Feldberg (current sponsor: Latitude 64°) actually used Innova discs when to win his 2008 championship, but because we could not locate any record to confirm the specific selections that data was excluded.

Further Analysis

To fine tune your selection of discs, we strongly recommend watching the following two video guides:

(1) How to Choose the Best Driver for Distance – a complete framework for selecting your next disc based on the flight patterns you are getting from your current discs.

(2) How to Choose the Right Disc Plastic – a detailed analysis of how different plastics affect disc flight

If you have any questions, please let us know using the comments below, or our Contact page.  We are always happy to help our fellow players!

Have a great round!


12 thoughts on “The 3 Discs Used to Win 19 PDGA Championships

  1. brent.z says:

    The Roc, Aviar, and TeeBird should absolutely be in everyone’s bag! The drivers these guys use, though, are definitely NOT for beginners.

    • Joe says:

      I have no experience with the Roc despite its reputation but believe in its worth. I have used the Aviar among others but believe my problems there are practice/technique issues and not the disc so I would not disagree on the Aviar. I love my TeeBird and use it all the time so ditto from me. I have progressed from the Valkrie to the Beast to the Wraith with occasional use of my Destroyer in certain windy conditions as my hand speed has improved to allow me to throw faster discs. The Wraith is my current favorite by far.
      I agree with your comments about those drivers listed not for beginners. My first best driver was a Valkrie and still recommend it. I started out with lighter weights and increased it as my skill and technique improved before moving to other discs. I could see telling very newbie rookies to just learn with their TeeBird as a first “driver” as well. As they progress to true drivers it will not be a wasted effort since the TeeBird will remain a valuable part of their arsenal for as long as they play.

  2. Mr. Beach says:

    When you only compile a list of Innova-players who are also world champions, it is no big surprise that they carry similar types of discs. What is the reason for leaving out Nate Doss, Eric McCabe and David Felberg from the list? (They have all won the World Championships since Climo’s last victory.)

    • Bart Bird | Site Manager says:

      Mr. Beach – all true! As we stated above, however, the purpose of the research was to find discs that have the most overall success. Again, we could actually add Dave Feldberg to the above list since he used Innova discs when he won in 2008.

      From our research, there was little or no commonality in the primary disc selections used by other players to win their championships.

        • Bart Bird | Site Manager says:

          Hi Jon! To clarify my comment above, this is a list of discs used by multiple PDGA champions, meaning discs used by more than one champion, not meaning discs used by players having more than one personal championship. Avery (like McBeth, Climo, and Schiltz) used the Teebird, Roc, and when he won in 2009.

          Again, the intention was to identify discs that are versatile enough to win championships with different players and different playing styles.

  3. Reynold Norton says:

    Would it be possible to include the weights as well as the discs some time?
    They are using weights in the 130’s and 140’s for speed and distance records,
    and I wondered how that transfered tothe weights they throw on the course.

    • Bart Bird says:

      Reynold, we are currently putting together the specific detail on players’ gram weights (where available). In general terms, the pro’s do not use ultra light-weight discs (under 140g). Ultra-light discs provide extra distance potential but also have more variable flights than heavier discs. For most players the significant distance increases are well worth the risk, but pros can generate plenty of distance with heavier discs that are much less affected by the wind and other variables.

  4. Billy says:

    So, I’ve been noticing that this site has been recommending the buzz and the roc as mid range discs. I personally have a panther that I have had since I started playing and it works very well for me and I am just wondering what difference in play I should expect from the buzz and the roc. Could someone help with this?

    • Bart Bird says:

      Billy, the Roc and Buzzz are both more overstable than the Panther, and overstable discs generally produce more consistent flight patterns than understable discs. The Panther will be better for Anhyzers, but overall I think you’ll be happier with a Roc or Buzzz.

  5. Jacob says:

    I’ve noticed that not many people use the champion, boss. That’s my personal favorite. Why don’t they use the boss?

    • Bart Bird says:

      Jacob – The Boss has dominated distance driving contests in the last few years, particularly the R-Pro Boss, but to your point most pros lead with Speed 11 or 12 drivers. Also, because Champion is Innova’s most overstable plastic (making a Champion Boss fly very similarly to an Ape) and the Champion Boss is only available at a relatively heavy 172-175g, even many pros find it too overstable for broad use.

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